Conor Byrne

Communications Intern | Cape Town
Rhodes College
10 August 2016

I went into this experience unaware of what living in Cape Town would entail. I assumed it would be a good time, as did my roommates and other friends I met along the way, but I don’t think any of us had a clear idea of what to expect when travelling to South Africa. Despite this, working and living in Cape Town turned out to be two of the most adventurous and rewarding months of my life. And that is not just a personal memoir, but also a repeated statement one hears from nearly everyone they meet while being a member of Connect-123.

In a single ambitious day, we could take surfing lessons at the beach, hike Table Mountain, and scarf down a bacon, cheese and avocado burger at Royale Eatery. As aforementioned, that would be an ambitious day, but it is not an impossible one. The point being, think of something you would like to do tomorrow, and Cape Town can provide it.

As for the internship itself, I could not be happier with my placement. I was fortunate enough to be given rewarding work, and I was given great exposure into my field of interest. Additionally, I will genuinely miss the coworkers I have had the pleasure of getting to know over these past couple of months. As for other aspiring interns, there is a great range of internship openings that Connect-123 can coordinate for you in Cape Town that will bed tailored to your desired experience.

All together, Cape Town has an abundant number of opportunities for the people who are willing to try them. To people who are up for the fun, Connect-123 offers you the chance to both find work that is beneficial and travel with the comfort of knowing you won’t be alone in a new place. The Cape Town coordinators are always happy to help should a problem arise, and they plan events to help you bond with your fellow Connect participants. Fellow friends, I should mention, who are always up for an adventure and a good time. I would advise any and all to live in Cape Town when they have the chance, and Connect-123 is a wonderful group to help you achieve this.

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Donald LeCompte

Communications intern | Cape Town
Washington and Lee University
18 July 2018

Connect-123 was great! They took the time to connect with us before we arrived to ensure that our internship placements were ones that matched our skills and passions. They were also a great go-to resource if we had any issues or if we had questions about things to do and the best way to go about doing them. Many of the events we attended and excursions we went on were...

Kiera Collins

Communications Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University
1 May 2017

I decided to intern abroad in Cape Town, South Africa for my last semester as an undergraduate, and I can honestly say it was a decision that has forever changed my life, in the best way possible. I came to South Africa with high hopes and my experience has far surpassed them! From waking up to the most beautiful view every single day just out my bedroom window to walking...

Isabella Alvarez

Communications Intern | Cape Town
University of Southern California
6 October 2016

I interned in Cape Town the summer after I graduated from college, and I could not be happier about my decision of going to South Africa, and postponing the job hunting. While I was in Cape Town, I learned more about myself, became friends with people from all over the world, and immersed myself in a country with a complex history -- an experience I believe everyone should have before jumping...

Tatiana Baez

Communications Intern | Cape Town
Northeastern University
5 January 2015

What can I say? Traveling to Cape Town, South Africa was an experience of a life time! It’s been a year since I departed and I am still experiencing nostalgia. Having never traveled before, let alone by myself, I found Connect 123 extremely accommodating. From the moment I arrived I felt at ease and very comfortable. Upon arriving at Perspectives (where most of you will be housed) we had a...

Marie Koehler

Marketing & Communications Intern | Cape Town
Jacobs University
10 September 2014

Coming to South Africa on my own was a huge risk for me, but knowing that Connect-123 was there and easily reachable allowed me to know that if anything were to happen I had somewhere to go, while still being independent. Connect-123 set me up with a small environmental, urban-greening organization only a 5 minute walk from my apartment in Cape Town where I acted as a Public Relations and...

Erica Moser

Marketing Intern | Cape Town
Northeastern University
30 July 2014

Doing a five-month internship in Cape Town was one of the best decisions of my life. Admittedly, when I first decided to go abroad, Cape Town wasn’t on my radar; I was considering London or Australia. But I knew a Connect-123 participant in Cape Town at the time, and between a brief email conversation and looking through her photos on Facebook, I was sold. Both of the people from Connect...

Shelby Moran

Communications and PR Intern | Cape Town
University of Southern California
30 August 2013

I couldn't have asked for a more rewarding experience in Cape Town - and a lot of it is thanks to Connect-123 and my host organization. Between the two, I feel like I learned to know the city and understand it's unique perspective, both culturally and professionally. Connect-123 did a great job at encouraging program participants to get out of their apartments and experience they city - whether that be...

Allyson Flak

Communications Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University
8 December 2012

My experience is Cape Town has been an incredible one. Connect-123 is not only concerned with finding you an internship, but working with you the whole way through to make sure you are comfortable and meeting all of your goals. Connect-123 not only provides support and an introduction to the working world, but also helps with adjustment to a new culture and big city life. My host organisation not only...

Emily Bunn

Events Management Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University
13 September 2012

It is difficult to compare Cape Town to any other city on earth. The dynamics of the city are so captivating that there was never once a dull moment. The city has so much to offer. It is adventurous with its mountains and excursions, low key and relaxing with its beaches, winelands, and the Waterfront. If you are looking for a night out on the town, Long Street is always...

Ashleigh Lovette

Public Relations Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University
16 January 2012

Coming back from a summer in Cape Town, South Africa was full of bittersweet moments. My summer, or winter in South Africa, was more than words and more than photos. It was filled with real moments with real people that, thanks to Connect-123, I will never forget. Upon return, I told my co-workers about my internship, where I helped plan an event, wrote press releases, and designed publications to be...

Ben Adams

Communications Intern | Cape Town
Ohio State University
5 January 2012

I came to Cape Town in the summer of 2011 with high expectations.  Thanks largely to the helpful staff at Connect-123, my expectations were easily matched and surpassed.  The Connect-123 team was able to place me in an internship that allowed me to grow professionally.  I was given plenty of responsibility and enjoyed going to work each day.  I now feel more confident and prepared to search for jobs and...

Sarah Plumb

Marketing Intern | Cape Town
Dartmouth College
4 August 2011

The three months that I was able to spend in Cape Town taught me so much about myself and provided me with an experience that will undoubtedly stick with me for the rest of my life. While living in Cape Town, I had the opportunity to do a marketing/communications internship with a small fashion website as well as a larger fashion organization, both of which worked to help promote the...

Audrianna Sibiski

PR Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University graduate
11 January 2011

Connect-123 made my experience in Cape Town phenomenal! I cannot thank Gabby and the rest of the Connect staff enough for providing me with such an amazing opportunity. Connect-123 was there every step of the way from arranging a ride from the airport to accompanying me on the first day of my internship. Connect-123 staff and interns become the family you left at home and the best friends you acquire...

Zahra Nealy

Public Relations Intern | Cape Town
University of Southern California
3 January 2011

My short time in Cape Town has made an everlasting impact on my life. Flying for 26 hours and landing in the Mother City was the most amazing feeling of accomplishment and belonging I have ever felt. Not only was the landscape amazing, but the people are what made my trip great. South Africa has the nicest, most humbled people I have met.Being able to see them come together during...

Christian Tabor

Communications Intern | Cape Town
Drexel University
21 October 2010

South Africa seems like a dream. I can’t believe I was able to experience such a diverse and beautiful country. Connect-123 secured my living space and provided a home base for me while I explored this country. I was placed with an amazing literacy NGO. The work I was able to accomplish with them was extremely rewarding and completely relevant to my Communications studies at Drexel University. On top of...

Simone Stephenson

Journalism Internship | Cape Town
Howard University
5 August 2007

Connect-123 was great! After I applied, they found an internship for me that was absolutely PERFECT for my major. I got to travel, sightsee, write, and photograph a totally new country…which was an amazing opportunity. The great thing about Connect-123, is that they really make an effort to bring everyone together. There were many nights where we went out to dinner in an organized outing. Another great thing is that...

Elizabeth Fiala

Journalism Internship | Cape Town
The American University of Paris
31 July 2007

The two months I spent in Cape Town, South Africa were by far the best two months of my life. I had a wonderful internship, superb housing, and incredible roommates. I met some amazing people while I was there and gained invaluable work skills and knowledge that can be applied towards my career in the future. Not to mention the social life that Connect-123 hooks you up with! I highly...

Richard Glover

Journalism Internship | Cape Town
University of West England, Bristol
20 April 2007

Being thrown in at the deep end with the newspaper was the best possible way for me to start my journalism internship in Cape Town as it gave me an insight into a part of the city that very few people, even locals, know about. In terms of my goals, I’ve always wanted to write for newspapers, get decent experience of the world of newspaper journalism and have a good...

Jessica Borek

Journalism Internship | Cape Town
George Washington University
11 October 2006

My experience in Cape Town would not have been as extraordinary as it was, without the expertise of Connect-123. They are the most well connected people in Cape Town and took a caring and holistic approach to ensure that my internship, accommodation and social experiences were nothing short of amazing. The small size of the program combined with planned excursions to wineries, scenic hikes and popular clubs, to matching my...

Silvia Carl

Publishing Internship | Cape Town
University of Cooperative Education, Stuttgart
25 September 2006

My two months in Cape Town was an amazing time! The Connect-123 staff were really helpful and made me feel welcome throughout my time here. To know I could call them at anytime to ask for anything made me feel safe, welcome and never alone being far from home. Choosing Connect-123 to do an internship in South Africa was a great decision!

Marina Cardona

Journalism Internship | Cape Town
University of Notre Dame
24 July 2006

Connect-123 gives you the most personalized attention and treatment you can get ever! From matching you up with a great internship, to finding you the ideal housing arrangement, to making your stay in beautiful Cape Town fun and enjoyable, Connect-123’s internship program was perfect. My accomodation was excellent, very comfortable and spacious, and located very close to the city centre and to my internship office on a very quiet and...

Catherine Ellis

Journalism Internship | Cape Town
University of Warwick, United Kingdom
2 May 2006

Connect-123 was absolutely fantastic in arranging the internship, accommodation, social activities and much more. My internship has given me the professional edge I needed for a career in journalism and has benefited me profoundly. I came to South Africa hoping for a great time and my expectations were more than fulfilled. I can’t recommend the country, the people and Connect-123 highly enough! I experienced more than I ever thought I...
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