Jake Kohler

Astrophysics Research Intern | Dublin
Colorado College
30 June 2016

There’s a fine line many undergraduates like to walk along: traveling and working on something relevant to their major. Most end up doing one or the other. Connect-123 not only makes both possible, but also makes the experience seamless. Yes, you have to fill out a number of papers, but I can’t imagine anybody looking back and thinking, “man, Dublin would’ve been so much cooler if we didn’t have to fill out those applications.” Pick from any of Connect-123’s cities, tell them what you’re interested in, and sit back and relax. My coordinators kept me well-informed about what they needed from me, when a new offer came in, how to use the bus system, where to get groceries, etc. There was barely a moment of confusion during my internship experience.

My internship consisted of working in an Astrophysics Research Group at a leading Irish university with six Ph.D. students. I studied the effects of solar storms on earth’s magnetic field. As it turns out, my coworkers were some of the best people I met during my experience. Often, we would stay afterhours to play games, or on lazy Friday, during hours. You might find the European work ethic appealing. That isn’t to say that work was easy. At times, I found myself unable to find the flaw in my coding algorithm. Fortunately, everyone was there to help. I got a real impression of what physics graduate school would be like, my main educational goal for my time in Dublin.

When you arrive in a new country, you instantly notice some differences: people driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road, cashiers expecting a different currency, and in some cases (but not mine) citizens speaking an unknown language. However, the best differences, in my opinion, are the ones you learn after a night out drinking with your coworkers or the first time you hear the Irish bagpipes in the oldest pub in North Dublin with your newly befriended roommates. How many of these subtle contrasts you pick up on is in direct proportion to how long your internship is. As an avid traveler, I understand the desire to go to every historic city in Europe and every mountaintop around the globe, but there is something extra you gain when you live in a foreign city for an extended period of time: an in depth, genuine feel of the culture. You may find yourself coming back to your home country (or not!) with a few new slang terms, and a broader acceptance of peoples’ points of view.

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Sijibomi Akinkugbe

AI / Engineering Intern | Dublin
Drexel University
4 December 2019

I was born in Dublin many years ago but I was too young to remember. Revisiting Ireland was always a high priority for me because I wanted to connect with that part of my identity. When Drexel University and Connect-123 provided an opportunity to partake in an internship in Dublin, I was quick to take it. During my three months in Dublin, I interned at a small AI/engineering company, whose...

Grace Judd

Chemical Engineering Intern | Dublin
Ohio University
22 July 2019

Choosing to intern in a foreign country was a great experience for me. I was able to gain professional experience while having the unique opportunity of meeting people from various cultures and backgrounds. I interned in an engineering lab at UCD. My co-workers were all very diverse. We came from all over the world, but worked together to solve a common problem. This was very valuable for me, as it...

Maeve McDonald

Biomedical Engineering Intern | Dublin
Marquette University
25 July 2017

When it came to making plans for my summer, I knew that I wanted an internship and I knew that I wanted the experience of travelling abroad. Connect-123 provided the perfect combination of both. Not only did I learn a lot from my work experience, but I had the best 2 months spent making friends and using every spare moment to explore Dublin city and the entire country of Ireland....

Zachary Winters

Engineering Intern | Dublin
Arizona State University
13 November 2016

This past summer I had the wonderful opportunity to take part in biomedical research as an internship in Dublin, Ireland. I had previously been to Dublin before in the past and loved my time there, but was truly blessed to be able to fully immerse myself in Irish culture for a whole summer. Whether visiting the Cliffs of Moher, exploring the various local pubs, or lazily relaxing with my fellow...

Karlene Horsfield

Engineering Intern | Dublin
Queen's University
25 August 2015

My Internship in Ireland this summer was a life-changing experience. Not only did i gain invaluable experience in my field of study, but I met friends from around the world that will last a lifetime and had the opportunity to travel and see so much of the beautiful country while I was there. As I study Geological Engineering, Connect-123 was able to find me an ideal internship position for me:...

Kai Cortright

Biomedical Engineering Intern | Dublin
University of Michigan
29 July 2014

I’ve really enjoyed my time in Dublin with Connect-123. I had the idea a year ago to try and combine an experience abroad with an internship, and I couldn’t be more glad that I did. Connect-123 really helped me along the way, since I had no idea where to start looking for internships in Dublin. They were really quick and efficient in their communication, and they were able to find...

Ben Ashby

Engineering Intern | Dublin
California Polytechnic State University
17 October 2013

My experience in Dublin is one I will not forget. I met many interesting people, got to see plenty of beautiful sights, and had a chance to participate in one of the most lively and spirited cultures that I know of. I was in Dublin to gain hands on experience machining with a manufacturing company. It was a small company, so I was immediately given the chance to participate in...
United States
North America

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