Louis Murphy-Harris

Event Management Intern | Shanghai
Ara Institute of Canterbury
13 July 2018

Having the opportunity to do an internship in Shanghai has been an inspiring and refreshing experience that I am sure will continue to shape my future and help me grow. Connect-123 facilitated a custom internship at a Shanghai-based work wellness company that aims to bring sport and wellness to corporates. I learned so much about organizing events for people, corporate wellness, and the growing demand for technology in the fitness and wellness sector. Outside of my internship, I have learned so much about international business, Chinese culture, technology and have discovered that opportunities are everywhere! I have loved living in Shanghai as it is completely different to my home which is completely in the country on the edge of New Zealand!

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Megan Bennett

Communications Intern | Shanghai
Earlham College
8 August 2019

This summer, I and a few other classmates from my college went to Shanghai for various internships. It was a great group, and we became closer to one another as we experienced Shanghai together. For my internship, I worked with a public relations and communications start-up, located at a WeWork facility. Being in a WeWork space was one of my favorite parts of the internship because it’s an environment where...

Cristine Richardson

Communications Intern | Shanghai
Fairfield University
19 July 2012

Deciding to go to a foreign country knowing no one or even the culture in detail was difficult.  But Connect-123 was there for my numerous questions, making me feel well acquainted in Shanghai, and providing ways for me to meet other people with whom to take on the city.  I could not have imagined this program to be as helpful and thorough as it was. Thanks Connect-123!

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