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Caroline P

Public Policy Intern | Virtual / Remote
Pennsylvania State University
4 May 2021

For my master’s degree program, I either needed to complete a master’s paper or an internship. I wanted to intern abroad, but due to the pandemic, it was suspended. However, in a short period, Connect-123 managed to find me a virtual international internship that aligned with my interests. Connect-123 has supported me throughout the process and after landing the internship. The organization provided weekly meetings to discuss the interns’ experiences and develop skills. The organization also hosted virtual workshops. I have been working for an Argentina-based non-partisan organization that works to strengthen legislatures and consolidate democracy in Latin America. My tasks within the organization range from data gathering to investigation related to the Venezuelan crisis. My role within the organization was to assist the Political Analysis Coordinator in gathering quantitative data about laws passed by 18 countries in Latin America, including the Caribbean. In the last weeks of the internship, I worked on curating the database and making sure it was accurate for analysis. This process is critical for the organization to produce a legislative balance for each of these countries. I have come across the opportunity to stay for longer to help produce the legislative balance. I would be analyzing the quantitative information along with the data department. It could be an opportunity for me to strengthen my quantitative skills. Overall, this internship has helped me strengthen my research and quantitative information skills. It's all thanks to Connect-123 and the extraordinary job they perform.

Laura H

Business Intern | Virtual / Remote
Michigan State University
4 May 2021

Thanks to Connect-123, not only was I able to grow my network within Michigan State University, but also globally with my remote internship based in Shanghai, China. This is one business aspect that can be tricky to maintain as most work remains virtual, but this program opened multiple networks to reconnect with those around me. I am so thankful for the lessons I've learned from the leaders at Connect-123 and all the collaborative discussions I have had the pleasure to be a part of with other interns in my same position.

Shayla P

Design Intern | Virtual / Remote
Michigan State University
19 April 2021

I am so very thankful for the Connect-123 team! Not only was I able to intern remotely, but I was also able to do something I enjoyed. The team took the time to ask what I would like to do and were able to pair me up with a team in Cape Town that needed a motion designer! Connect-123 was always willing to help and give advice on all sorts of topics. I could see that they really wanted you to succeed and they did that with workshops and group discussions. I really appreciate the helpfulness, kindness, and patience of Connect-123 because that made the whole process a lot smoother for me. Apply with Connect-123 because they really do want you to succeed and will help however they can for you to get there!

Zach S

Human Rights Intern | Virtual / Remote
Michigan State University
1 April 2021

The coveted internship during/after your junior year of college was beginning to seem out of the question due to COVID-19. After expressing concerns to my advisor, he suggested I contact Connect-123, they did the rest. Connect-123 managed to find me an international internship that not only aligned with my interests but was flexible around my university schedule. Genuine support from the organization was evident, providing weekly meetings to discuss our experiences and develop skills, along with immediate email responses to any questions. I would highly recommend utilizing the Connect-123 team to help you reach your internship goals.

Elizabeth B

Engineering Intern | Virtual / Remote
Bucknell University
3 February 2021

Amidst the global pandemic, the summer of 2020 was looking very uncertain for me. I decided to participate in Connect-123’s virtual internship program, and I could not have been more happy with my decision. The organization’s staff put in great effort to find internship options that suited my needs, and I ended up doing research alongside a professor at a university. The virtual component was definitely a challenge at first, but with Connect-123’s care and assistance, the transition was much easier. By the end of my internship, I was producing graphics and presenting data in ways I had never done before. Not only did this virtual experience teach me a lot about myself, but it also taught me how to work with people of other cultures—something that’s definitely worth investing in!

Anna McCliment

Law Intern | Virtual / Remote
Michigan State University
20 January 2021

Connect-123 looked at my dream internship and made it a reality. With my passion for language exchange, economics, and law, Connect-123 placed me with a highly respected legal-economic think-tank in Madrid. It was everything I could have asked for! On top of the amazing placement process, the Connect-123 team always made me feel supported, with weekly workshops on how to succeed and get the most out of my internship, and genuine one-on-one check-ins from my coordinators. Connect-123 is truly the best opportunity to come my way during my entire college experience. This is an amazing organization that I would recommend to everyone!

Jacqueline Van Humbeeck

Law Intern | Virtual/Remote
University of York
6 January 2021

Spoiler alert: applying for the Connect-123 virtual internship was the best decision I have made this year. I was heading towards the end of my master’s in International Human Rights Law and, while I was looking for career opportunities abroad, the pandemic restricted my options and hopes like for many of us. I then discovered the Connect-123 virtual internship program and I applied thinking that I did not have anything to lose, and I am so glad I did! Due to some complications related to the pandemic, I could not land an internship in my first choice destination but they instead found an opportunity that was far greater than I expected when I applied in the first place. I was thrilled as soon as I saw the offer to work in law reform and that’s when I understood how thoughtful the members of Connect-123 are, and how they make sure that the position matches your skills, your future goals, and what you are looking for in this experience. Not only did they find a perfect opportunity that I would not have found on my own, but they also provided me with great support during the whole duration of the internship. I highly recommend it!

Sasha Ng

Architecture Intern | Virtual/Remote
Pratt Institute
6 January 2021

Connect-123 planned an incredible internship for me. I had an amazing experience interning with an architectural office in Barcelona. I worked on 3D modeling, drawing, and contributed to the production of Virtual Reality and project proposal. I enjoyed the internship and I felt even more passionate about working in the architecture field. Connect-123 really helped make this virtual internship experience possible and meaningful. I was able to communicate smoothly with my advisor and Connect-123. This internship has provided me an incredible opportunity to learn, participate, and have fun, even under the situation of Covid-19.

Saanya Advani

Human Rights Intern | Virtual / Remote
Michigan State University
14 December 2020

I first heard about Connect-123 through my university. I was looking for internship opportunities, but due to the pandemic, everything was limited. When I received an email about a global remote internship program, I wasn’t sure what to think, but I applied anyway. I’m so glad I did! I talked about my interests and plans for the future, and the Connect-123 team was able to find a great match for me. They offered helpful zoom sessions to discuss our internships and give us advice on how to develop our skills. I would highly recommend finding an internship through Connect-123.

Alyssa Delarosa

Human Rights Intern | Virtual / Remote
University of Southern California
3 December 2020

Working remotely for a nonprofit organization in Cape Town, South Africa, proved challenging due to different time zones but I was so grateful for the support of Connect-123 as they provided continuous support throughout the semester through virtual workshops, social events, and check-ins. Knowing that I had a solid support system through Connect-123 and hearing testimonies from other peer interns at Connect-123 events, helped me realize that I was not alone. Overall, I had a very rewarding experience as a remote intern and had the amazing “plus” of Connect-123 supporting me every step of my journey.

Lauren Mattice

Journalism Intern | Virtual / Remote
University of Southern California
10 November 2020

Being able to work with Connect-123 for a remote internship felt like a reprieve from pandemic concerns. The application process really focused on what we wanted to do and how we could best put our foot forward in our careers. I ended up taking a chance on an internship in a field I wanted to learn more about but wasn’t quite sure if it was something I really wanted to pursue. I ended up interning in Dublin remotely, and everyone from my supervisors on-site to the Connect-123 team was there to make sure I had everything I needed to succeed. The opportunity is unlike anything you could do just within your university, and I highly recommend that every student, regardless of interests, apply.

Bryn Doyle

Human Rights Intern | Virtual / Remote
University of Southern California
5 November 2020

I discovered Connect-123 through my university's study abroad office. I had just been sent home from my year abroad due to Covid-19 when I received the email about Connect-123. Going into my final semester of undergraduate school online was not what I had planned, and the semester looked bleak. So, when I heard about the opportunity to continue my abroad experience online and get a great experience, I applied right away. Connect-123 not only took great care in finding me an internship in my area of interest, but they kept checking in on me throughout the internship. These check-ins really helped me adjust to having a school semester and internship online. They were available to answer my questions and support me throughout the process. Connect-123 also hosts seminars for participants, so we can learn how to make the most of our online internships. I definitely would not have been able to find this opportunity on my own, and I would recommend Connect-123 to anyone who wants to contribute meaningful work at an international level. I am grateful for the opportunity Connect-123 provided me and I don't think my final semester would have been the same without it.

Jack Damiani

Engineering Intern | Virtual / Remote
University of Southern California
26 October 2020

In the midst of a pandemic, Connect-123 was able to pair me with valuable work experience across the world. I am working for a nanotechnology company in Barcelona, and the experience of learning how nanotechnology reactors work and how a start-up technology company functions has been invaluable. I have been a part of a vital process in growing their company, and with the wonderful advisors at Connect-123, I have been able to make the most of it. I have been able to make productive use of my time as well as learn and grow in a field I’m interested in. Apply now!

Maya Rugama

Human Rights Intern | Virtual / Remote
University of Southern California
21 October 2020

I am so grateful to have discovered this opportunity through my university. Connect-123 was very deliberate in pairing me with an internship that I would enjoy and in a field that I was interested in. I was ultimately paired with a human rights lawyer in Barcelona and I have learned so much from her and from the work that I am doing. Being a virtual intern has strengthened and developed so many valuable skills for me, not only through the very well-organized internship but also through the virtual experience. Through all of the bumps in the road along the way, Connect-123 was there to provide me support. They helped me figure out the issues I was having, offered solutions, and gave me what I needed to proceed with confidence. The workshops and discussions also contributed greatly to my personal and professional development. Connect-123 doesn't just put you in an internship, they make sure that you're able to grow in your position and be able to use it in your future endeavors. I highly recommend pursuing an international, virtual internship through Connect-123!

Talent Mangai

Finance Intern | Virtual / Remote
United States International University-Africa
28 August 2020

Connect-123 offers the most amazing opportunities that allow you to explore more about your career path. Despite the fact that we are in the midst of a pandemic, they still made sure that I got the best experience. Honestly, I wasn't sure if I was pursuing the right career and when I applied for the Connect-123 virtual internship, I wanted to do a test run to see if I was heading in the right direction. One of the things I really liked about Connect-123 is that they tailor-make and customize your internship experience to suit what you are looking for and what you want to get out of it, the experience is unique for everyone. I was placed in an Accounting firm that provided me with valuable knowledge and hands-on experience in the accounting field. I also liked the fact that once they place you in an organization, they always check up on you to make sure everything is going well and they organize very insightful seminars that help you get through the internship smoothly. They walk with you all the way. Now I can confidently say that I am pursuing the right career. Thanks to Connect-123!

Lindsey Hart

Human Rights Intern | Virtual / Remote
Michigan State University
28 August 2020

I’m a senior at Michigan State University with a major in International Relations and a minor in Muslim Studies. This summer I did a remote internship with a women's rights group in Dublin, Ireland. I got paired with them through Connect-123 and I don’t think Connect-123 could have picked a better organization for my internship. The NGO's work is near and dear to my heart and they work in a field that I want to pursue a career in. Early on in the internship, it became clear to me that it was the place I was supposed to be for my internship. The women there are all incredible people and we worked fantastically together, not to mention I was doing work that meant a great deal to me. When it came to pairing me with them, Connect-123 did such a phenomenal job. They took my interests and career goals and found me the perfect internship. As for working remotely this summer, it certainly wasn’t what I had planned. I had a study abroad lined up for this summer which got canceled due to the pandemic. I was hesitant at first to work remotely, but in the end, I’m glad I decided to participate in the internship program. In the beginning, it was a little difficult to adjust to remote work, simply because I’d never done anything like it before, but in the end, I learned so many valuable and marketable skills. I learned things like balancing my work and home life, how to better manage my time, and how to work independently on large projects. With so much uncertainty about the future due to the pandemic, having remote work experience under my belt helps ease some of my worries about finding a job in a pandemic. It’s something I would recommend to anyone considering doing a remote internship.

Julia Harlan

Engineering Intern | Virtual / Remote
University of Colorado Boulder
28 August 2020

I am a senior at University of Colorado Boulder! This summer I worked with Connect-123 and they helped me find a virtual internship in Dublin, Ireland. I had planned to go abroad to Cape Town, but due to the pandemic, I had to make other plans and rather quickly. Connect-123 was able to take my skills and experience and connect me with an environmental engineering project that I worked on for 8 weeks this summer. Over the course of my internship, I did data analysis of crops, forestry, and manure, research on biomass conversion technologies, and technical writing to sum up the research. One of the most challenging aspects of my virtual internship was the time difference. We only had 3-4 hours of overlap in our time zones, so it was very difficult at the beginning to communicate. With tips and advice from the Connect-123 staff, I was able to communicate effectively with my supervisors even though we were in completely different parts of the world. On the other hand, my favorite part of Connect-123 was the community aspect. We had a Whatsapp group-chat with all of the students who got internships through Connect-123 as well as the Connect-123 staff. I found this tool extremely helpful because it was a place where people could share their experiences, ask questions, get career advice, and not feel judged at all. I actually just got a job that is in person at the engineering center at CU. My virtual internship this summer definitely helped me in the process, as it showed that I had virtual experience working with others. Overall, it was a great experience in my internship and with Connect-123, I would definitely recommend others to try this process out as well!

Hieu Nguyen

Medical Intern | Virtual / Remote
Washington and Lee University
20 August 2020

Before COVID-19 spread like wildfire, I was so excited to hear that I was interning in Cape Town, South Africa. I could not sleep that night when I received the acceptance letter from my program coordinator at W&L University. However, my dreams and hopes were shattered overnight when school was canceled and my dream internship was off the map. I found myself slowly losing hope and desperately alone, but I am glad that the story doesn’t end there. When I found out that Connect-123 had launched their virtual internship program, I saw a glimmer of hope. I was placed into a medical research team in South Africa that broadened my horizons and connected me with many other like-minded researchers. Even though I had to wake up very early because of the time zone, I truly enjoyed the experience. I am glad that I got to work on a research project and met new people. Through this whole process, I learned things about myself that I never fully realized. I am much more resilient than I think I am. Also, this whole experience was a test on my positivity that I know I came out better than before. I really appreciate Connect-123 and everyone for making my 2020 summer more meaningful.

Audrey Damman

Human Rights Intern | Virtual / Remote
Michigan State University
5 August 2020

I found out about Connect-123 through my University. Due to COVID-19 I felt very lost about what my next steps were in regard to gaining experience during my undergraduate years. At first, I was hesitant to apply, as I wasn’t sure if it was right for me. Contrary to my insecurities, Connect-123 presented the support and opportunities I needed to move past my doubts. I felt so comfortable speaking with the advisors who all seemed so genuinely interested in my well-being. The relationship fostered through the program both with my advisors and my internship co-workers made my experience comfortable, and something I looked forward to. I would 100% recommend Connect-123 if you are searching for an internship because they really care.

Rachel Moore

Human Rights Intern | Virtual / Remote
Michigan State University
5 August 2020

After a semester of uncertainty and no clear summer plans, I learned about the virtual internship opportunities Connect-123 had to offer students. I was immediately drawn to learning more about Connect-123’s placement process and the internships they could offer to students. I inquired more, and I explained what my ideal internship experience would entail. Connect-123 placed me into the exact internship that I described. I am incredibly grateful for this agency and how much they value the success of all of their interns. I am so happy I found this internship through Connect-123 and that I gained this valuable experience despite the global pandemic.

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