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Dominique M

Social Work Intern | Cape Town
University of Texas Austin
16 May 2022

My internship was with an NGO in Cape Town, South Africa, their work was targeted toward helping empower asylum seekers and refugees. From the beginning, Carla was always available to answer my questions and provide support in achieving my goals for this internship. All her preparations made for a smooth transition to my destination and into my internship. At my internship, I had an incredible time with the staff and clients. The moment I walked through the door the staff was so kind and welcoming. I grew in many ways and developed new skills as an emerging mental health professional during my 3 months there. I was able to be a part of many programs that included counseling, psychosocial assessments, support groups, and community outreach. Carla and Connect-123 went above and beyond, not only helping us get connected with internships but also connecting us to the rich culture of South Africa. From amazing excursions to enjoying local food, I got a unique experience of what Cape Town has to offer. They made the experience all-around a life-changing one! I am so grateful to have met some amazing friends along the way and made lasting memories! My experiences with Connect-123 and my internship are ones I will not soon forget!

Internships in Cape Town

Lily R

Environmental Intern | Dublin
Rhodes College
7 April 2022

I am a senior at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee double majoring in Economics and Environmental Studies. Last summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to intern abroad in Dublin, Ireland through Connect-123. I spent the summer as a Research and Sustainable Development Goals Facilitation Intern at an environmental NGO in Dublin. My work included policy analysis, fieldwork, and organizing and mapping data using programs such as Excel and GIS. Connect- 123 planned exciting weekend excursions, ranging from the cliff walks in Bray and Greystones to traveling to Northern Ireland to see Giant’s Causeway and Belfast. I am so grateful for my internship in Dublin and all of the skills I honed during my time abroad!

Internships in Dublin

Meg F

Business Intern | Virtual / Remote
Michigan State University
31 March 2022

When the pandemic began, I was confident that my chances of studying abroad during the 2021 Spring semester were still high. However, when I learned that Michigan State's study abroad programs were canceled, I realized that I was going to need a plan b. That's when I heard about Connect-123. Working with Connect-123 was simple; they interviewed me, asked me about my career interests, and matched me with a company. My internship gave me hands-on experience in a field I am interested in and was totally doable with my schoolwork. Connect-123 is an organization that is packed with people who are passionate about what they do and who were always there to help. If you're looking for an internship and don't know where to start, definitely consider Connect-123!

Kelly M

Child Life Practicum | Cape Town
University of Alabama
11 February 2022

Connect-123 gave me the most life-changing experience. Thanks to Carla and the Connect-123 team all of my questions were answered prior to the experience so I felt confident going into it. The Child Life Practicum gave me child life skills I’m confident I wouldn’t have been able to learn through just a typical Child Life Practicum. I gained life-long friendships, lessons and had a great time experiencing the South African culture. We were able to volunteer at multiple locations, with several different types of situations and it was so eye-opening and will certainly benefit me going forward in this field. This program gave me a new perspective and so many new skills. I’m forever grateful. After completing this program I feel much more confident in my skills in this field and am so excited to continue my career in this field. Thank you Connect-123 and everyone a part of the team. I am forever grateful.

Internships in Cape Town

Addison C

Film and Photography Intern | Cape Town
Clemson University
8 February 2022

Entering the workforce during the midst of COVID-19 was an unpredictable obstacle, but Connect-123 did an excellent job of getting me plugged into an internship abroad that prepared me with the experience and confidence I needed. I worked with a young and vibrant media production company, only a few minutes from my apartment. The internship gave me the flexibility and creative freedom to take on a variety of projects over the span of three months. I left with an expansive portfolio, new friends, and a big dose of Cape Town culture. Not to mention, I had an absolute blast working alongside my co-workers! Even though I'm back in the US, I still have my job connections back in South Africa and will be continuing my collaboration with them. None of this would have happened without all the amazing support and guidance from Carla. She was there to answer every phone call, late-night text and helped me adjust to my new life abroad. She even went out of her way to meet up for dinners and adventures across town. We made so many wonderful memories and it wouldn’t be the same without her or my new Cape Town family!

Internships in Cape Town

Melani D

Human Rights Intern | Virtual / Remote
University of Mons
17 December 2021

I looked for an internship in a rather closed field. Connect-123 was the only organisation that could find me an internship in the exact field I wanted. At first, I was afraid because it's quite difficult to find a good internship at the moment but Carla was immediately very reassuring on the phone, she took into account all the details. About 2 weeks later Carla was able to find THE internship that I was looking for. Carla and Léa take great care of you, they know your name, you are not just a number. In addition, the workshops offered by Connect-123 in which you participate are enriching.

I've even told Carla that if next year I want to do another internship, I'll go through Connect-123 again. They are on your side, they defend your interests and goals that you want to achieve during your internship. Carla and Lea are always very available. As for my internship, I couldn't have found better. My internship supervisor is very nice, he made me feel like a member of the team straight away. He is also very passionate about what he does. It is an experience that I will repeat with great pleasure.

Sarah J

Environmental Intern | Virtual / Remote
Michigan State University
17 December 2021

I worked remotely for a non-profit organization located in Buenos Aires, Argentina through Connect-123. They were a wonderful company to work with and made sure to check up on how the internship was going throughout the semester.
The internship experience was fantastic. This was my first internship, and it was wonderful. I wanted to improve my Spanish with this opportunity and Connect-123 made sure to connect me with an organization that would challenge me and improve my Spanish proficiency. Although this was a remote internship, the company was super welcoming and made me feel as if I were there! I hope to visit them one day in person. Even in these trying times with the COVID-19 pandemic still going on, I am so happy to have received this opportunity to connect with people from other countries and other cultures!

Caitlyn V

Social Work Intern | Virtual / Remote
Michigan State University
7 December 2021

As I began looking for an internship for school, I stumbled upon Connect-123’s page. Connect-123 listened to me and took my interests and goals into consideration when helping me find the perfect internship. Because of them, I was able to find a place where I was able to work on necessary life skills like communication and planning and learn skills that will benefit me in my future career path as a psychologist. I was a bit apprehensive about the internship being remote, but I had a lot of support both from Connect-123 and the group that I interned for. Overall, I would definitely recommend working with Connect-123. They are a great company that really cares about the people they work with.

Gayathri M

Healthcare Intern | Virtual / Remote
SiChuan University
7 December 2021

It was a challenging task for me to keep up with academics while gathering career-related experience, during Covid-19; since an on-site internship was clearly not an option at the time. This is when Connect-123 paved way for me to have an experience of a lifetime, by offering me a Virtual/ Remote Internship at a Dublin-based Global Health organization working on health partnerships with Low-Middle income countries. My role included writing case studies, producing reports on events, publications to the WHO, and assisting in organising global health webinars. I was able to work closely with very important Irish health institutions. Apart from the connections I made with Irish health professionals, Connect-123 also helped me to succeed in my position and develop new skills that would help me in the long run. I can assure you that Connect-123 will be with you during the whole process, guiding you and supporting you in every way possible! They truly want us to achieve a better version of our careers. Connect-123 is the choice for anyone who wants to kick start their careers with a global experience and proficient skills.

Adam N

Human Rights Intern | Virtual / Remote
Michigan State University
7 December 2021

Interning in human rights was an experience I'll cherish! I was able to understand how difficult a different European country's migrant systems can be for people seeking refuge in foreign countries. My internship was done virtually with an NGO headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, a country whose refugee system is very conservative due to their migration laws. Connect-123 held weekly meetings with their interns, where we discussed interview pointers, career help, and general advice. Overall, my experience was great, and I highly recommend Connect-123 for providing excellent internship opportunities.

Amelia H

Child Life Practicum | Cape Town
Dixie State University
27 October 2021

Connect-123 provided the opportunity for a life-changing experience. Their program was so much more than just a practicum. Through them, I gained child life skills I couldn't have learned anywhere else and developed life-long friendships. We were able to volunteer at several locations, building connections with the community and providing the students with diverse experiences. In addition to hospital settings, we got to visit a school for children with autism, a day center for children with a wide variety of disabilities, and serve at a local foster home. The two hospitals we volunteered at gave us experience in a pediatric clinic, a pediatric ward, and an oncology unit. This program enabled me to learn so many new skills and develop a culturally diverse perspective. I loved experiencing a different culture and getting to know the people. We had the unique experience of getting to advocate for child life in an area where it is not prevalent and see firsthand just how effective these principles are. After completing the practicum, I feel so much more confident in my child life skills. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience in one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Connect-123 provided an exceptional learning experience as well as memorable activities that allowed us to really experience Cape Town. If you have the chance to participate in a program with them, it's absolutely worth it!

Internships in Cape Town

Matthew K

Human Rights Intern | Virtual / Remote
University of California Davis
26 October 2021

Connect-123 did more than pair me with an organization. They learned about my interests and my academic and professional goals to find an organization that I would fit in with and that would help further my professional career while developing and strengthening necessary skills for my career path. Despite the internship being remote, I was never alone through the internship. Connect-123 was extremely professional and helpful in every step of the process and always had my back if I ever needed any help. Thanks to Connect-123 I was able to intern with an organization that works with human rights and climate change throughout Africa in over twenty countries. This extremely insightful internship was even better than I imagined thanks to the amazing staff that helped guide me through this experience. I would recommend Connect-123 to anyone who wants an opportunity to help others while gaining incredible experiences in working in other countries.

Lana R

Human Rights Intern | Virtual / Remote
Drexel University
28 September 2021

As an undergraduate student, I aspired to intern with a company abroad. My university then connected me with Connect-123. Connect-123 guided me towards an organization that specialized in human rights affairs which was the perfect fit for me as I aspire to work in the international law and human rights sector in the future. The organization was based in Dublin and, although it was virtual, I was able to learn a lot. While interning there, I learned about the importance of keeping yourself informed, raising awareness, as well as how to develop and write research reports on human rights-related issues. Connect-123 helped me adjust to this internship with their vast number of workshops and their continued communication with me during the entirety of my internship. Overall, I am grateful to Connect-123 for their guidance and encouragement!

Angela R

Graphic Design Intern | Virtual / Remote
Michigan State University
28 September 2021

Connect-123 gave me the opportunity to do my internship with a company that allowed me to expand my skills in design and professionalism. The internship was done remotely but it was still effective. Connect-123 was able to find an internship that fit the description I gave in our first phone call. Their professionalism throughout the entire process made me feel secure and excited about the internship. I'm very glad I was able to design a new logo in the summer of 2021. I worked as a logo graphic designer for a studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina that was about to open a side business. It was amazing to communicate with people outside of the country about a business-related issue and be taken seriously with my designs. They let me take creative control and their feedback was very kind. They loved most designs and only ever commented on how to make it better for the final design. The internship experience has encouraged me to keep designing and reach out to other businesses for more opportunities. It was lovely working with Connect-123 this past summer.

Dayana V

Media Intern | Virtual / Remote
Drexel University
21 September 2021

As I began my search for internships abroad, my University guided me towards Connect-123 and their amazing team. Through them, I was able to work remotely with a non-profit organization in Cape Town, South Africa where I created content for their social media pages and YouTube. While interning there I learned about the importance of communication, leadership, creativity, and stepping outside your comfort zone. In fact, at the beginning of my internship, I was a bit apprehensive about connecting with the people and the content due to being a remote intern but with Connect-123 supporting me along the way I was able to experience some of the best six months of my professional and personal life. In all, I learned so much during my internship and was able to really understand where I want to go with my career in the future. I will forever be grateful to Connect-123 for opening doors for me and encouraging me to follow my professional and personal dreams. Thank you so much to Carla, Lea, and the team!

Emma O

Child Life Practicum | Cape Town
University of Iowa
16 September 2021

As a young and newer child life student, I was looking for a program that offered a very diverse, authentic experience of what Child Life is truly about. Connect-123 provided me with that and so much more. During my time in Cape Town, South Africa I gained skills and developed great confidence in observing, documenting, and carrying out therapeutic play sessions with children of various ages and diagnoses. Outside of time spent at the two hospitals, we got to attend workshops that helped build communication and knowledge about Child Life, resumes, and interview skills. On top of all these wonderful experiences, we also had many opportunities to explore the beautiful country of South Africa! The girls I met were amazing, my preceptor prepared and helped me in more ways than I can count, and the program provided me with the well-rounded, enjoyable experience I set out to find! I would recommend this program in a heartbeat.

Internships in Cape Town

Melanie G

Marketing Intern | Barcelona
University of Georgia
13 September 2021

Through Connect-123 I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to intern at an incredible NGO in Barcelona! Coming out of a rough and uncertain year I was excited to be able to travel again especially with the added enhancing my resume. Connect-123 facilitated the process of finding the perfect summer marketing internship. I grew not only professionally but also personally during my time in Barcelona. I am so thankful to Lea and everyone at Connect-123 for making this opportunity possible!

Internships in Barcelona

Garrett W

Engineering Intern | Virtual / Remote
Drexel University
13 September 2021

My remote internship was facilitated through Drexel University with Connect-123, for a duration of 6 months, which allowed me to learn a lot during my time at the research lab in Dublin. My primary job was to model and animate 3D printing and imaging devices. Connect-123 allowed me to develop important software skills in my field which I will use for the rest of my life. However, the most important thing Connect-123 did was to allow me to narrow in my major, and find something that I would like to pursue a future career in. Thank you very much for organizing an amazing internship and helping me build my career to the next level. I appreciate everything that you did.

Emily M

Human Rights Intern | Virtual / Remote
University of California Davis
1 September 2021

Connect-123 is more than a liaison company looking to connect students to employers and home organizations. Connect-123 goes further, facilitating the dynamic between students and professionals in a supportive environment. When I signed up for a Human Rights and Social Impact Internship with my university, I had no idea what type of work that would encompass. I thought I would randomly get assigned to an organization that may, or may not, suit my interests and skill set. Instead, I was approached by kind, intelligent professionals who had my learning as a core influence in their actions. Through every email interaction, I was asked how I was doing, and what I was learning. I'm not going to say that interning was easy, but growth never is. Connect-123 placed me with an organization focused on people and hands-on application of research, particularly within the law. I was put in a research internship that I would never have found on my own. Working with that organization has now opened doors that I could never have considered. I thank Connect-123 for never settling for me, and for always reaching out a hand, even when I didn't think I needed it.

Sophie H

Art Intern | Virtual / Remote
Carleton College
26 August 2021

Through Connect-123, I got the incredible opportunity to pursue a remote internship during another uncertain summer due to covid-19. I felt very fortunate to have helpful assistance getting paired with an internship position without the confusion and stress. I worked as a research intern at an arts archive that documents the multiple recent histories of art in Asia. Connect-123 managed to select an internship that fit the description we had discussed on our first phone call, helping me get experience in a field I was curious about pursuing post-graduation. It was a lovely experience and showed that Connect-123 matched me with a high-quality opportunity. It was also nice to have a contact to reach out to during the internship, particularly given that the work was remotely done.

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