5 Things You Didn’t Know About China

Everyone knows lots about China. That is has a billion people, that it has a questionable human rights record, that it’s going to be the number one world power any day now… You might even know that the world’s most typical person is a 28 year-old Han Chinese man. But did you know: 1. The list […]

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Migration Issues in South Africa

Each year, thousands of migrants and refugees from surrounding war-torn and destitute African countries flock to South Africa in hope of a better life, or just a means to feed their children. However, as we will see, life is not always easy for them when they get there as South Africa itself faces high levels […]

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Top 5 Road Trips from Barcelona

There’s no denying that Barcelona is an amazing city. Everything from the museums to the food to the beach to the architecture has made Barcelona one of the world’s top tourist destinations. But one additional benefit of Barcelona is its proximity to other really amazing places. So if you’re planning to be in Barcelona for […]

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Piropos: Sexual Harassment or Street Poetry?

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to talk about some of the most colorful phrases used in Rioplatense Spanish – the piropo. To some, a priopo is a clever, poetic compliment, and old-fashioned way of appreciating a woman’s beauty. To others, it’s aggressive and vulgar machismo. You might know it as a cat call […]

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Katie Arango posted in: Buenos Aires, Culture
Your Scholarship Questions Answered!

We’re very proud to announce the first ever Connect-123 International Scholarship Competition! I know what you’re thinking…“Huh? A scholarship? A free trip abroad? How does that work?” Well, here are answers to some burning questions you may have… WHO can enter the competition? Anyone and everyone who is over 18 can enter. If you’ve already […]

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Five Examples of Great Social Enterprises Part One: Latin America

Social Entrepreneurship applies business and entrepreneurial principles and methods to solve a social, environmental or economic problem. We typically think of NGOs or nonprofit organizations…maybe even governments as the primary change makers in the world. But when you take the best of what a business has to offer and combine that with a social cause, […]

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Interview with Connect-123 Intern turned Entrepreneur

We recorded an interview a while back with Connect-123 “double” intern and founder of Collegiate Mirror Skins Lee Weinberger to find out what his Cape Town and Buenos Aires internships were like, and to explore ways in which his international experience might have had an effect on his entrepreneurial endeavour. Lee is currently a senior […]

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Xin Nian Kuai Le! Wan Shi Ru Yi!! No, I’m not swearing or putting a curse on you – these are classic Chinese New Year greetings! These greetings are usually in four character phrases wishing someone good health and a prosperous year ahead, said with hands clasped together prayer style. As the program coordinator for […]

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Sherilyn Chia posted in: Culture, Shanghai
Turning International Experience into Career Gold

Your international experience is over. Your backpack is returned to its dusty home under your bed, your tan is starting to fade, and your Skype credit is decimated by calls to all your new overseas friends. So what now? International internship, study abroad and volunteer experiences don’t come cheap, and at some point you have to count the […]

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Eimear Costigan posted in: Career Development
How to Speak like a True Dub!

Oh, so you thought they spoke English in Ireland, did you? No need to feel like an eejit, you’re not the only one! To clear up this common misconception and in honor of our brand new internship and volunteer programs in Dublin, Ireland we’d like to offer this survival guide to speaking Irish. Everyday chit […]

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Katie Arango posted in: Culture, Dublin