Intro to Networking!

If you’re starting to think about what life might hold for you after you finish your studies, you’ve probably already heard that networking is important. But for some people, networking can be an overwhelming prospect. So, for everyone that has been procrastinating with this essential aspect of career planning, here’s a basic intro to networking: […]

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Melanie McDowell posted in: Career Development
Guide to South Africanisms: Part 1

While one of the main languages spoken throughout South Africa is in fact English, from the moment you step off the plane you will realize there are countless words or phrases that you’ve likely never heard used in quite that way before. Knowing the exact meaning of these phrases (and maybe even being able to […]

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Simone Matus posted in: Cape Town, Culture
Internships vs. Volunteer Programs

So you’re looking to go abroad and have a meaningful experience, but which is the right one for you? Is it a volunteer trip or a career related internship? Certainly both can be very worthwhile and life-changing experiences. While there is a lot of cross-over between the two terms and in many ways they are […]

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Katie Arango posted in: Career Development
A-Z Guide to the Best of Ireland

Whether you are looking for a partner at the matchmaking festival of Lisdoonvarna, eyeing up a gorilla, or surfing white sandy beaches, Ireland isn’t all about the Guinness and Leprechaun stereotypes! (although you might just spot one after one too many, see P!)  Without further ado, we present Ireland: A-Z… Aran Islands: Step back in time […]

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Melanie McDowell posted in: Culture, Dublin
Halloween Costume Ideas

Whether you’re spending this Halloween at home or abroad, we’ve got some quick and easy costume ideas from several different countries around the world. Admittedly, most of the countries mentioned don’t traditionally celebrate Halloween, but you’re not going to let a small detail like that stop you, right? Argentina What better Argentina themed costume could […]

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10 Ways to Experience Art in Barcelona

Barcelona is an art lover’s paradise! And as anyone who has spent time there can tell you, Barcelona is full of museums dedicated to some of history’s most beloved artists, as well as buildings, parks and outdoor spaces that stand out all over town. So, to make sure you’re not missing out on any of […]

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Katie Arango posted in: Barcelona, Culture
10 Things You Just Don’t Do in Argentina

Let’s imagine that you’re a foreigner interning/traveling/volunteering/studying/living in Buenos Aires, and so far you’re blending in pretty well. You’ve got the “sh” sound in words like yo and calle down pat, you how to avoid both dog poop and loose tiles on the street, and you know just how late you can arrive somewhere and […]

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Katie Arango posted in: Buenos Aires, Culture