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Five Examples of Great Social Enterprises Part One: Latin America

Social Entrepreneurship applies business and entrepreneurial principles and methods to solve a social, environmental or economic problem. We typically think of NGOs or nonprofit organizations…maybe even governments as the primary change makers in the world. But when you take the best of what a business has to offer and combine that with a social cause, […]

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Interview with Connect-123 Intern turned Entrepreneur

We recorded an interview a while back with Connect-123 “double” intern and founder of Collegiate Mirror Skins Lee Weinberger to find out what his Cape Town and Buenos Aires internships were like, and to explore ways in which his international experience might have had an effect on his entrepreneurial endeavour. Lee is currently a senior […]

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Katie Arango posted in: Business, Intern Bloggers
Happy Chinese New Year!

Xin Nian Kuai Le! Wan Shi Ru Yi!! No, I’m not swearing or putting a curse on you – these are classic Chinese New Year greetings! These greetings are usually in four character phrases wishing someone good health and a prosperous year ahead, said with hands clasped together prayer style. As the program coordinator for […]

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Sherilyn Chia posted in: Culture, Shanghai
Turning International Experience into Career Gold

Your international experience is over. Your backpack is returned to its dusty home under your bed, your tan is starting to fade, and your Skype credit is decimated by calls to all your new overseas friends. So what now? International internship, study abroad and volunteer experiences don’t come cheap, and at some point you have to count the […]

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Eimear Costigan posted in: Career Development
How to Speak like a True Dub!

Oh, so you thought they spoke English in Ireland, did you? No need to feel like an eejit, you’re not the only one! To clear up this common misconception and in honor of our brand new internship and volunteer programs in Dublin, Ireland we’d like to offer this survival guide to speaking Irish. Everyday chit […]

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Katie Arango posted in: Culture, Dublin
Winter Holidays Around the World

This time of year, when everyone greets each other with a cheery “Happy Holidays!” it’s typically understood that they mean Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Perhaps even Happy Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, if you’re taking a liberal interpretation of the phrase. But many of us don’t think about the many other traditional and meaningful holidays […]

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The Best 50 Volunteer Blogs from Around the World

Abandoning the comforts of home to volunteer possibly far across the globe is a life-changing experience. The exposure to taxing sights and conditions along with the culture shock of encountering new food, new people and new places can be exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. Authored by volunteers, the following fifty blogs chronicle the […]

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Katie Arango posted in: Social Impact
Debunking myths about an Argentinian tradition: Mate

If you’ve ever spent any time in Argentina, you are most definitely aware of the mysterious, ever-present, drinkable force known as mate. More than just a loose tea infusion consumed from a hollow gourd and metal straw, mate is a social construct with its own set of rites and accepted behaviors, meant to be enjoyed […]

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Katie Arango posted in: Buenos Aires, Culture
8 Ways to Practice Responsible Tourism in Cape Town

Gone are the days of being fooled into buying things we don’t need! In the age of information, consumers are smarter than ever before. Not only are they smarter about their own needs but an increasing social and environmental awareness means that people are interested in the overall impact of their behavior. This influences the […]

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Eimear Costigan posted in: Cape Town, Social Impact
Top 10 Grossest Foods in the World

The one single best piece of travel wisdom out there is probably “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.“  But what if these particular Romans are dining on foods made of bugs, blood or questionable animal parts? Note: If you are especially squeamish, you might not want to read on.  Here’s a countdown of […]

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Katie Arango posted in: Culture
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