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  • What is the program fee?

    For Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Shanghai, and Sydney, our program fee is $3,250. We ask for a $350 deposit at the time that you apply, and the balance of $2,900 when you confirm your participation. For Barcelona and Dublin, the program fee is €3,550 and the deposit is €350. Provided that you do not receive an offer in your first or second choice field, your deposit is fully refundable.

  • What does the program fee cover?

    Our program fee includes providing advice about internship or volunteer projects that best fit your interests and goals; arranging secure accommodation based on your budget and preferences; meeting you at the airport; a complete country information pack to help you prepare for your trip; a comprehensive orientation on arrival; access to Connect-123’s regular social and cultural events; discounts on tourist activities; substantial local support, from providing logistical assistance to career and personal mentoring to hands-on help in case of an emergency.

  • Is the cost of housing included in the program fee?

    Since all our programs are tailor-made, around your schedule, budget, and preferences, housing is not included in the program fee. For example, participants on a budget might opt to share a room with another participant, whereas other participants prefer to have their own room or even their own apartment. In Buenos Aires, Barcelona or Shanghai, some participants prefer to live with locals, both for cultural immersion and language practice. Let us know your preferences and we’ll find the ideal housing situation for you!

  • Does the program fee increase if I stay longer?

    Absolutely not! We’d like to encourage you to come for longer periods, both for your own personal and career growth as well as for the contribution that you can make to a local organization. Since we exclude the cost of housing, the program fee is the same for any duration.

  • How much should I budget?

    A typical budget is: $3,250 program fee (€3,550 for Barcelona/Dublin) + airfare + $650 to $1,200 per month for rent in relatively high-end, secure accommodation. Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, food, entertainment, and local transport can add another $350 to $700 per month.

  • Does Connect-123 offer discounts / scholarships?

    Yes, we offer Connect-123 alumni a $300 discount off the program fee for subsequent programs in any location. Regarding financial assistance, some universities do have scholarships available for international experiential learning, community service or internships — if you are still a student, check with your university for more information.
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