the application process

  • What are your application requirements?

    In order to find opportunities that are the best fit for you, we require the following: our application form, your resume, a telephone-based interview and, if applicable, writing samples. We also ask for a $350 program fee deposit (€350 for Barcelona / Dublin), which is payable at the time of application and fully refundable provided that you do not receive an offer in your first or second choice field. So that we can answer any questions that you may have and so we can better guide you through the process, we recommend speaking with us prior to applying – get in touch!

  • Do you have deadlines? When should I apply?

    In line with our flexible, customized approach, we do not have deadlines. Instead, we have a rolling admissions process, and applicants typically apply two to eight months prior to their expected arrival date. This gives us plenty of time to find the right opportunity; it also means you have sufficient time to organize reference letters and, if needed, apply for a visa. That said, we have been able to find great opportunities for applicants within weeks of receiving their applications.

  • Are there prerequisites or language requirements?

    Since we suggest opportunities relative to your skills and experience, there are no prerequisites. For Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Shanghai, while we do not require any knowledge of Spanish, Catalan or Chinese, the more proficient you are, the wider range of opportunities we’ll be able to find.
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