Ashley Nave

Writing Intern | Barcelona
Kutztown University
29 March 2017

Are you looking for the internship of your dreams and one that falls under your area of study? About a year and a half ago, I said to some family and friends that it would be a dream come true to find an internship in Barcelona, and so one day I came across the Connect-123 program and they put it all together, an internship with a magazine in one of my favorite cities. Finding Connect-123 was one of the greatest opportunities I’ve ever experienced. From the friendly welcome at the airport and the diverse accommodations, to the program activities all throughout Barcelona and the writing internship itself, I not only gained professional skills but I lived in a community that I will never forget. I met people from all over the world there, and because of Connect-123, it felt like I was truly at home, even though I was over 2,000 miles away from my actual home. The program opened my eyes to living and working overseas in ways that I’d never understood before, being that they help you adapt to a foreign culture, a new lifestyle and incredible food, which doesn’t take much adapting to if you’re a foodie like me! It’s taking a chance for sure, but more importantly, you will walk away with unforgettable memories, long-lasting friendships and communication skills you might only achieve by studying and working abroad.

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Jeyzon Fernandez

Journalism Intern | Barcelona
University of Barcelona
8 July 2019

Looking back when I lived in San Diego, California, I still remember walking to my bedroom on a daily basis, sitting at my computer desk, sighing and staring at the enormous poster I had on the wall – it was a colorful world map. It was there to remind, motivate and inspire me to go for the things that I truly wanted – to return to Spain, travel, continue learning...

Mackenzie Brecker

Journalism Intern | Barcelona
University of Colorado at Boulder
14 July 2016

Spending my summer in Barcelona was one of the greatest experiences I could've asked for! Thanks to Connect-123, I was able to live in my dream city, and work there! I had always had a fascination with Barcelona, but I never had a reason to go before. I was very nervous to come to Barcelona without knowing anyone, but Connect-123 provided me with all the tools I needed. Through my...

Katrine Pedersen

Journalism Intern | Barcelona
Campus Vejle, Denmark
27 June 2016

To experience a lot of firsts all at ones - such as traveling on my own, moving to a new city with another culture and starting a new job, I have been grateful to have had Connect-123 and their amazing staff as support both before and during my 4 month stay in Barcelona. Not only did they help me find an internship, they offered security and a safe environment in...
United States
North America

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