Chris Vandemark

Entrepreneurship intern | Cape Town
Hartwick College
13 July 2018

It’s challenging to put into words the experience I had while in Cape Town, South Africa. From the amazing team at Connect-123 to the endless list of activities around the city, down to the entrepreneurship internship itself, I had the experience of a lifetime! I gained professional skills that I can apply going forward, along with cultural perspectives that I will not soon forget. Cape Town was the perfect environment for myself to mature as a young man, and I will forever be grateful to have the opportunity to travel there.

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Christina Christophi

Entrepreneurship Intern | Cape Town
Endicott College
17 December 2014

Having worked within the financial industry in London for some years I decided that I didn’t want just a job but I wanted to find something that I am actually passionate about doing. Having whittled it down to working with small businesses, I then found Connect-123 who were offering entrepreneurship volunteer programmes in Cape Town. Within a short period of time they had organised everything necessary for me to make...

Will McAneny

Entrepreneurship Intern | Cape Town
Northeastern University
9 August 2013

I've been lucky enough to travel a great deal in my life, but can honestly say that Cape Town was the first destination abroad where I've ever felt like I never had to leave. It's an absolutely magical city, with fantastic weather, beautiful and friendly people, a wealth of things to do and one of the most fantastic settings that I've ever seen. I was there for six months, and...

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