Dan Weise

Hospitality Intern | Barcelona
DePaul University
29 September 2014

Even after being away from Barcelona for almost 2 months, I can say that Connect-123 has provided me with the best opportunity I have ever been afforded. This past summer, I was a food and beverage intern at a 4-star hotel in downtown Barcelona where I was able to meet others from all around the world, develop Spanish language skills, and gain professional development. However, the experience extended far beyond the walls of the hotel. Connect-123 regularly contacted me to make sure that I was having a safe, enjoyable experience and even coordinated so many different activities all throughout Barcelona! Without Connect-123, I would have been much more intimidated by the process of living and working and abroad.

Barcelona could not have been a more ideal city to hold an internship. The people and sites are equally amazing and living 15 minutes away from the sea was incredible. As I move through my “day-to-day” back in Chicago, I will forever remember the time I spent in Barcelona and the great people who surrounded me. Hasta pronto!

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Jordan Thompson

Hospitality Intern | Barcelona
University of South Carolina
10 October 2017

Connect-123 helped to facilitate one of the best summers I’ve ever had, in Barcelona, Spain. They gifted me with the opportunity to travel and work abroad in the field that I love, all the while learning a new culture. They made sure that my experience was as great as possible, matching me up with an amazing host workplace, continually checking in on me, and always available for tips on how...

Pemanee Damrasmongkonsakul

Tourism Intern | Barcelona
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
5 December 2016

It was my last semester before university graduation in March 2017, so I wanted to spend time to discover new things overseas. My case was so complicated at first due to my visa and others documents required (I was studying in Japan by that time), but thanks to Connect-123, all those things became much more easier for me. Their quick response to my questions and their experience of having interns abroad,...

Priscilla Choi

Tourism Intern | Barcelona
Rhodes College
29 September 2014

When people ask me “How did you enjoy Barcelona?”, I always respond: “I loved it. I want to go back and stay there forever.” And then they laugh. Little do they know that I’m only half joking. My summer experience in Barcelona can be summed up in one word: AMAZING, and I have to thank Connect-123 for that! My dream has always been to travel to Barcelona, Spain and it...

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