Giulia Monteleone

Journalism Intern | Cape Town
King's College London
7 August 2017

The time I spent living and working in Cape Town has proved to be the most powerful and intense experience abroad of my life up-to-date. When I first put foot in South Africa little I realised how much I had to learn about this country and how complicated and contradictory its everyday reality was. The support provided by the Connect-123 staff was invaluable – our program coordinators guided us through life in South Africa, making sure that each of us were getting the most out of our experience whilst staying safe and keeping an eye on budget! There is just so much the city has to offer: within a two-month period I climbed Table Mountain, hiked up Lion’s Head, went paragliding, spent a whole day in Khayelitsha, spent time by the ocean, went on a safari, and visited local markets and art galleries! Working as a journalism intern at a popular community radio station granted me an unequalled platform from where to observe and discover the fast-changing dynamics and phenomena underpinning the South African society. I was able to develop a first-hand knowledge of community media and to interact with a multitude of organizations on the field operating in the areas of the Cape Flats. A piece of advice: make the most out of it, because time will fly past you before you know it!

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Treasure Roberts

Journalism Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University
13 July 2018

Coming to Cape Town, South Africa for the first time I did not know what to expect, but this journey was everything I could have hoped for. I climbed mountains, I dived with sharks, I went surfing, I went to several braais (barbeques) and really learned so much about the culture. Tourism, however, was not what left a mark on my heart. It was being able to really engage multiple...

Emma Derr

Community Radio Broadcast Intern | Cape Town
Washington and Lee University
13 July 2018

Connect-123 planned incredible excursions during my stay in Cape Town. I especially enjoyed the educational outings to Parliament and Robben Island, and one of my favorite weekends was the Community Chef Mandela Day event when we cooked a stew for people in need. Having such great options every weekend at our disposable made the trip stress-free and enjoyable. I really felt like I got to know South Africa during my stay,...

Lensa Bogale

Journalism Intern | Cape Town
University of Southern California
5 January 2015

I had the privilege of interning with a television series that broadcasts mini documentaries on issues of social justice in South Africa. Traveling to Cape Town for an internship was one of the best experiences I have had in my life thus far. It gave me the opportunity to explore South Africa through the lens of a native as opposed to simply that of a tourist. Connect-123 did an amazing...

Tricia Tongco

Journalism Intern | Cape Town
University of Southern California
30 July 2012

Staying in a building named “Perspectives” is ironic yet appropriate, since I’ve gained so much perspective during my two and half months in Cape Town. Connect-123 made my transition to a new country smooth, which allowed me to truly focus on this new, intense place. Instead of spending my first week frantically searching for accommodation, I could go on tours, try the delicious food and explore this vibrant city. As...

Kelly O'Donovan

Journalism Internship | internships in cape town
University of Leeds
2 September 2007

It sounds like a cliché, but I have had such an amazing time here in Cape Town, I can’t recommend it enough! The set-up here is perfect for whatever you are looking for. Steven and Lea are very good at judging what a person would want out of an internship and their experience as a whole. They have brilliant connections to make that perfect match. Without the support of Connect...
United States
North America

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