Hannah Barnes

User Experience Designer Intern | Dublin
University of Texas at Dallas
14 June 2018

Ireland is a gorgeous country with plenty to see and do. I had never traveled abroad before, but the Connect-123 team made it incredibly easy and fun. Connect-123 took care of all of the logistics of my experience, including housing, travel paperwork, and finding the perfect internship in Dublin, and that meant that I could focus on making the most of my time abroad in Ireland. I am so thankful to Lea, Nikki, and Rosie for making this brilliant experience possible.

I have to say that my trip to Ireland was hands-down the best experience of my academic career. I worked as a user experience designer at a company that develops travel apps. My company accepted me as an equal member of their team, and I met so many amazing people who acted both as mentors and friends. I traveled as much as I could on the weekends.

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Monica Nievandt

Software Engineering Intern | Dublin
University of Texas at Dallas
13 July 2018

I am so glad that Connect-123 was able to help me find this incredible opportunity! I couldn’t have been more thrilled with my software engineering internship in Dublin. The work environment was relaxed and the people were welcoming and friendly. I worked in software engineering and in marketing and helped collect and analyze data. The work that I did as part of my internship that will be useful to the...

Diksha Chopra

Computer Software Intern | Dublin
University of Texas at Dallas
13 July 2018

I completed a web development internship in Dublin, Ireland this summer. I worked at a global tech company, where I gained valuable coding skills. I got the opportunity to observe how work culture differs around the world. My internship experience in Dublin was everything I wanted it to be, and more. On the weekends, I went on trips around Ireland and visited other countries in Europe. If you have the opportunity to come to Dublin...

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