Hee Myoung Park

Finance Intern | Dublin
University of Texas at Dallas
23 July 2015

I think I am really lucky that I had the chance to work with awesome people in Dublin during my Summer internship in Dublin.

I learned a lot and know now what direction my career is heading in.  Just put your faith in Connect-123! At the end, you will know that your choice wasn’t waste of your time and money. You will love a whole new chapter in Dublin, Ireland and this experience will make your resume stand out from the crowd. One more advantage for you to staying in Ireland is that you can travel all around Europe with very cheap flights. The location of Ireland is perfect for travelling other European countries. There are also sightseeing tour buses in Dublin and day tours to Galway, Belfast and Wicklow. All these travels will make your life more energetic and positive. Don’t hesitate to go with Connect-123, just do it!

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Lena F

Finance Intern | Dublin
University of Colorado Boulder
6 September 2023

I had a great experience during my internship abroad in Dublin! The finance internship that Connect-123 found for me was a really good fit. Our housing at UCD in Dublin was very nice, and I enjoyed most of the group activities too. I am thankful to leave with quality work experience, new friends, and a new appreciation for Ireland.

Melissa Osorio

Finance and Credit Intern | Dublin
University of Texas at Dallas
13 July 2018

I participated in Connect-123’s internship program this summer. I enjoyed every second of my time in Dublin, Ireland. Dublin is a city that I’ve always wanted to live in and all my expectations were exceeded. The city is filled with many wonderful things to do and there is something in the city for everyone. I enjoyed my time with the program so much that I decided to extend my time...

Prashant Tiwari

Finance and International Trade intern | Dublin
University of Texas at Dallas
10 July 2018

I really enjoyed my finance internship in Dublin, where I worked as an International Trade Associate. Initially I was very nervous and not quite sure what to expect, but as I progressed in the internship my confidence grew and I was able to perform all my tasks easily. The office environment in which I worked was amazing – my boss and supervisors were really nice and if I ever got...
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