Jesse Linkhorn

Business Intern | Shanghai
Rhodes College
17 July 2017

This summer I had the opportunity to intern in Shanghai, China, which provided me with one of the wildest summers I’ll ever have. I spent my time interning at a small consulting firm downtown in the city. There, I was provided with a range of tasks that not only had me testing my business savvy (like reviewing financial reports and projecting cash flows), but also had me learn a variety of new things including Chinese GAAP and Tax laws, regular business facilitations, and a whole lot of Mandarin. Prior to this, I had very little knowledge of the language, which made adapting to life in China difficult at first. The challenge however, was one embraced and I have grown immensely not only in my knowledge but in the work environment and personally as well.

Connect-123 provided me with the chance to travel abroad and live in a large city, both of which were firsts for me. To this I am forever grateful because they allowed me to experience a whole new culture and lifestyle that I believe has made me a better person. Along with that, they were there with me every step of the way providing support whenever I needed it and checking in out of pure thoughtfulness.

This summer allowed me to go to places I never thought I would, meet some of the most kind and genuine people I ever will, and learn some things I never knew existed. I truly believe I have been made better off by this experience and it has instilled in me a desire to further study the culture and learn the language. I am grateful for the opportunity Connect-123 provided me and I hope to travel back to China again (if not for the amazing cuisine) to create many more fond memories. I’m excited for the future and what I’ll be able to accomplish having had this experience.

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Sebastian Tovar Montanez

Business Development Intern | Shanghai
Carleton College
17 August 2017

My experience in Shanghai was absolutely amazing and life changing and I could not have done it without the great service provided by Connect-123. From the time that I applied to the time that I returned home, I always felt that I had the support of the supportive and helpful staff of Connect-123. My internship site was a great match because I was able to help the company grow and...

Zoe Laulederkind

Business Intern | Shanghai
Rhodes College
21 July 2016

I’ve only lived in two cities my entire 20 years of life, both with populations around 600,000. I’ve only lived in one country where the majority of people look like me. Shanghai, with a reported population in 2014 of around 24 million and a majority of obviously Chinese people, it was a huge step out of my comfort zone to say the least; however, it was a step I will...

Galina Mizyuk

Business Intern | Shanghai
Moscow State University
27 March 2015

I had a fantastic opportunity to intern with a Sustainability firm in Shanghai for three months. It was a great experience for me in terms of the knowledge and professional skills I obtained, people I met and new environment I discovered. I am sure this internship has opened new horizons in my professional future. I am glad that my host organization treated me as if I was a real employee,...

Pico De Lucchi

Business Intern | Shanghai
Rotterdam School of Management
15 March 2013

I am the kind of person who is always extremely skeptical of testimonials especially when they are filled with praise. I always condemn those to be exaggerated at best. I must admit the irony now as I can only praise my Connect-123 experience. I was connected to a handful of very interesting local consulting firms, all of them fitting the exact requirements I demanded without any slips. I don't know...

F. Ishi

Business Intern | Shanghai
Universidade Federal do Parana, Brazil
20 December 2012

Working in China has always been a dream for me. I’ve always pictured myself working for a company in China to learn about the economy and how I could take advantage of being involved with the economic growth between Brazil and China. During my 4 months with the firm asan intern, I had a lot of opportunity to experience this, network and make friends. What really made me proud was...

Timothy Lam

Finance Intern | Shanghai
University of California - Irvine, Graduate
10 March 2012

I had always thought about going to China all throughout college and when I missed my chance to study abroad I thought that I had missed out on an amazing opportunity. That is until I found out about Connect-123. I learned of the program through a friend and after learning more we both decided to come to Shanghai. Trust me when I say it will be a decision that you...

Alexander Beaton

Business Consulting Intern | Shanghai
University of New South Wales, Australia
26 December 2011

Allow me to start by stating simply that Connect-123 has been one of the best organisations I have had the pleasure of working with. From my very first e-mail, to the interview and their subsequent meticulous follow-up, the sheer effervescence of everybody involved made the application process an exciting, rather than overwhelming, experience. I knew if I sent an e-mail I would have a response the next day, and usually...
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