Kaitlyn West

Education Internship | Barcelona
Michigan State University
24 July 2013

From the moment I arrived in Barcelona, as I remember it well, I was enamored with the city, the language, and the culture. I knew this was a good place to further my Spanish language growth, work experience, cultural knowledge, and my person as a whole.

What made the transition from my fairly small town in the US to a the second largest city in Spain even more seamless was the friendly and tireless staff at Connect 123. From the airport pick up to the checking-in emails to the weekly group events Connect 123 truly became my second family for my three months in Barcelona. Thanks, Lea, Eli and Steven!

As far as Barcelona goes, the city is beautiful and you will never be bored! It literally has everything, the beach, the mountains, a water park, an amusement park, countless bars and restaurants, and easy travel access to any other major city in Spain. Not to forget the public transportation is definitely a high point for the city, as well. Barcelona is a place where everyone can find something to do.

My internship working in first the primary school and then in the kid’s summer camp was a great learning experience! I was able to put to use my Spanish language skills everyday, all day, and put forth the skills I’ve learned in my Teacher’s Education courses at MSU. From practicing my future profession I also gained knowledge of how to be an effective teacher and that is something invaluable to me.

Overall, I spent the best summer of my life thus far in Barcelona and I gained experiences, memories, and friends that I will never forget. Thanks Connect 123 for making this possible!

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Tajsha Pope

Global Studies Intern | Barcelona
Drexel University
18 March 2020

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Jordan Trico

Education Intern | Barcelona

12 April 2019

My experience with Connect-123 in Barcelona was absolutely wonderful. I had the resources and contacts available to ease my transition into living and working in a big, vibrant city like Barcelona. For my internship, I worked at a local NGO five days a week, teaching English to young students as well as working as a teacher’s assistant. The organization could not have been more warm and welcoming; in my three...
United States
North America

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