Manon Steel

Public Policy Intern | Buenos Aires
Michigan State University
20 July 2017

My experience with my internship was amazing and a once in a lifetime opportunity. On the first day, my coworkers welcomed me with open arms, big smiles, and cookies with my name on them. Through my job I was able to become more confident in my Spanish and absolutely more fluent, as well as improve my professional skills. I was always able to meet new people and develop new friendships in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Connect-123 found me the perfect internship for my goals and my interests. They were there to support me when my experience was good and when it was rocky. It’s important to know that not every aspect of your experience will be perfect all the time, but in those moments of turbulence Connect-123 is there to help fix the problem and get you back on your way. The events were all very fun and the people you meet through Connect are all truly amazing, diverse people. You will be happy you made the decision to trust in Connect-123 to make your experience a memorable one!

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Hannah Marsh

Public Policy Intern | Buenos Aires
Michigan State University
7 August 2019

My time in Buenos Aires was absolutely amazing. I interned for a municipal government, and I had the opportunity to write two draft bills to present to the local council. This internship was a great way for me to refine my Spanish skills while learning more about how local government works. My working hours were very flexible, which allowed me to do a lot of traveling outside Buenos Aires. I...

Josh Braun

Public Policy internship | Buenos Aires
Colarado University
14 May 2018

My time in Buenos Aires has been unreal. I really did not know what to expect before I arrived. There were so many uncertainties going into the experience, but I could not be happier with how everything turned out! I was welcomed with open arms at my host organization, had an international-filled and always exciting apartment, and the city, oh my gosh. The city is so vibrant and so alive....

Samantha Minnette

Public Policy Intern | Buenos Aires
Michigan State University
3 August 2017

The three months that I spent in Buenos Aires were amazing, as I spent them improving my Spanish, exploring a culturally rich city, and meeting new and exciting people every day! I came to this internship with the goal of improving my ability to speak Spanish and I can say confidently that I have accomplished my goal. Working in a small office really helped me connect with the language and...

Alba Semidei

Public Policy Intern | Buenos Aires
Michigan State University
2 August 2017

Traveling and interning in Buenos Aires has been a dream come true! I wanted to work with or in a Latin American country and Connect-123 gave me the opportunity to achieve my goal! Connect-123 found me the perfect internship where I was able to grow and improve my professional skills. Connect-123 did a wonderful job to create a community where all of their participants get a chance to come together...

Robert White

Public Policy Intern | Buenos Aires
Michigan State University
19 July 2017

I came to Buenos Aires and only knew one other person that was participating in my program. For me that was a daunting task; I’m an introverted person. Connect-123 eased this fear almost immediately. They foster a community between the participating students and simultaneously offer opportunities to explore the city and understand Porteño and Argentine culture. My time in the language school was one of the most important aspects of my...

Karen Pontious

Public Policy Intern | Buenos Aires
University of British Columbia
9 August 2016

I fell in love with Buenos Aires at first sight. The city is charmingly beautiful and full of rich history and culture. My three and half months in Buenos Aires were spent exploring and living and working as a local. A year ago I gradated with and International Relations degree from the University of British Colombia in BC, Canada. I knew even before I graduate that I wanted to do...

Jeremy Druhot

Public Policy Intern | Buenos Aires
Ohio State University
17 September 2014

For two months this summer, I interned as a public policy and law researcher for a non-governmental organization that studies economic crimes – such as money laundering, drug trafficking and more. Before becoming involved with Connect-123, I very much wanted to gain work experience in this field – thanks to Connect, I now had the opportunity to do so. My time in the office was very productive – I analyzed...

Sophie Green

Public Policy Intern | Buenos Aires
University of Sydney, Australia
26 August 2012

I worked with an NGO in Buenos Aires that specialized in Corporate Social Responsibility. The knowledge and experience that I gained during my internship was completely invaluable. The city itself was incredible. The nightlife, cafes and cultural activities including salsa and winetasting really added to my experience. But more than anything the people that I met really made my time in Buenos Aires.
United Kingdom

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