MaryJane LaSala

Business Consulting Intern | Cape Town
Washington and Lee University
20 July 2017

My participation with Connect-123 has been one of most unique experiences of my life. Connect-123 gave me the opportunity to go to a place I never would have thought to visit on my own. The city of Cape Town is so beautiful and filled with thousands of activities to enjoy. Before coming here, a friend described it to me as “the best place in the world” and she was not exaggerating with that statement. The combination of ocean, mountains, and city life is one I had never seen before and I have been able to do incredible things from shark cage diving to paragliding. Connect-123 made me feel safe in a new city and it was so comforting for me and my family that I had a contact person who I could express any concerns to. They also paired me with an incredible company filled with wonderful people who are truly inspiring. Their passion for wanting to help other people makes me excited to go into work every day because I know I am contributing to such a great cause. Overall, my experience in Cape Town, with my internship placement, and with Connect-123 is one I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life.

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Drew Weinstock

Business Consulting Intern | Cape Town
Washington and Lee University
13 July 2018

Adjusting to the different work environment at my business internship in Cape Town was certainly one of the more noteworthy aspects of my time in South Africa. Thanks to the great Connect-123 team, my Washington and Lee classmates and I always felt like we had people close by who could answer any questions we had or help us out at a moments notice. From the day we arrived in Cape Town,...

Meghan MacDonald

Business Intern | Cape Town
St. Francis Xavier University
2 August 2013

The experience of living and working in Cape Town has been life-changing. It has opened my eyes to a part of the world that has such an amazing culture and history and offers a great experience as a student. Cape Town is a very young and thriving city, but there is also an extreme element of poverty, which has been both humbling and eye-opening. Working as an intern at a...

Sam Goldberg

Business Consulting Intern | Cape Town
University of Virginia
19 September 2012

My time in Cape Town for two months was one that I will never forget. The city is so diverse ranging from areas like the Waterfront, Long Street, and Table Mountain. It has all of the resources of a city, everything that you could ever want, and is small enough that you see locals that you know walking past you on the streets. I played tennis, went to see movies,...

Stephen Gildea

Business Consulting Intern | Cape Town
University of Strathclyde, UK
13 September 2012

I really enjoyed my time in Cape Town, the city is vibrant and exciting and the surrounding area is beautiful with endless things to see and do. The most striking thing about Cape Town is how imposing Table Mountain is, it is literally in the city! Table Mountain is definitely worth climbing and the Robben Island tour is not to be missed. I am studying economics at university and it...

Emily Woo

Business Intern | Cape Town
University of Washington, Graduate
20 July 2012

After working 5 years in the corporate environment, I knew that I wanted to find more meaning in my work. I found Connect-123 online and they connected me with a consulting company in Cape Town. This company focuses on bringing inclusive business models into the low-income environments. I found fulfillment in taking my previous work experience and applying it to real-life needs and problems. I fell in love with the...

David Frank

Finance Intern | Cape Town
University of Cologne, Germany
29 July 2011

I was fortunate enough to spend three wonderful months in Cape Town. In retrospect, it was really the time of my life, and that's not only because I got to propose to my girlfriend on the top of Table Mountain, but I also met so many nice people, made friends for a lifetime and last but not least did a perfect internship thanks to Connect-123. I was working for an...

Sam Imbeault

Business Consulting Intern | Cape Town
Mount Allison University Graduate
30 June 2011

When I began to think about my plans for the summer I wanted to make sure that they met certain criteria I had laid out for myself.  I wanted to gain some real world work experience, travel, network and have something to add to my resume.  In reality, my experience with Connect-123 in Cape Town was so much more!  I was able to not only visit, but live in one...

Jeff Steiner

Microfinance Intern | Cape Town
University of Miami, Graduate
16 June 2011

My experience in Cape Town far exceeded any expectations I had prior to arrival.  The close friendships I formed, business experience attained, and the immersion to a new culture and city all helped make this experience the best three months of my life. As an intern with the southern African office of a global microfinance NGO, I attained a greater understanding of development, business at the Base of the Pyramid,...

Jeffrey Ryan Goldmintz

Finance & Marketing Intern | Cape Town
University of Lethbridge
18 December 2010

I want to start off by thanking Sydney McNally, Beth Watson, and Eimear Costigan; if it were not for them I would never have had this amazing opportunity; or made the decision to come from Canada to Cape Town. To make a long story short I cannot begin to express the gratification I have towards the whole team at Connect 123.  They were exceeded all my expectations, were very accommodating,...

David Switzer

Entrepreneurship Intern | Cape Town
Boston University, Graduate
15 December 2010

It would be impossible for me to describe my time in Cape Town in a few sentences because the memories could fill a book, but I will try. I worked for a technology start up organization. The company had just transitioned from a non-profit to commercial in nature. The company had just moved into some nice new offices, and my bosses brought me out for a beer to just shoot...

Sophie Bluhm

Business Consulting Intern | Cape Town
Gonzaga University
30 November 2010

When first applying to Connect-123 I had no idea what I wanted to do.  But as a business major in school, I knew that I wanted to try and use this experience to figure out where in the business world I would best fit in.  Luckily, I was able to find an internship with a small company that was still in the early stages in development.  In my internship I...

Zach Halfmann

Entrepreneurship Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University
24 November 2010

My three-month stay in Cape Town was one of the most transformative experiences of my life.  Not only did the Connect-123 staff find me the perfect internship prior to my arrival, they also made sure that my stay in South Africa was filled with exciting opportunities.  From the weekend trips, social events in the city, and volunteer offerings, the Connect-123 staff was there for every step of the way. While...

Jen Jones

Entrepreneurship Intern | Cape Town
Westminster College
18 November 2010

I arrived in Cape Town late at night, and was welcomed to an empty apartment when I crashed from 2 days of non-stop traveling. The next day I made countless new friends, and by the next week I had started my internship at a small tertiary institution 15 minutes out of town. Over the next three months I would learn more and grow more than I had thought possible. At...

Lorraine Chilimanzi

Social Entrepreneurship Student | Cape Town
Hampshire College
17 November 2010

The Social Entrepreneurship program was an amazing experience for me. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in issues of entrepreneurship and community led development. Not only did I get to learn some pretty amazing concepts in class and meet some real entrepreneurs and learn from them, but I was also able to get my hands into some live projects that, for me, really cemented what I...


Non-Profit Management Intern | Cape Town
University of Iowa
31 October 2010

My internship experience went above and beyond anything that I expected.  I worked for a very successful non-profit dealing with HIV/AIDS. I definitely felt needed in the office where I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to actually participate and work on big projects. I left feeling accomplished and learned in a whole new area. I gained experience in marketing, sales, organizational skills, research and development, and the...

Mike Cahoon

Social Entrepreneurship Intern | Cape Town

25 September 2010

Spending the summer in Cape Town was the opportunity of a lifetime. When I arrived in June I wasn’t sure what to expect, though only a few hours after landing, I knew this summer would be something to remember. During my three months in South Africa, I worked with an NPO focused on youth empowerment, in helping to develop the business side of their organization. Unlike some of my previous...

Lee Weinberger

Corporate Social Investment Consulting Intern | Cape Town
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
24 August 2010

I was in Cape Town with Connect-123 for June and July of 2010. I cannot say enough about how amazing my experience was and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a valuable internship abroad and cultural experience.  Cape Town is an amazing place for people seeking adventure, great culture, beautiful landscapes, and history.  Whether you want to go hiking, bungee jumping, sunbathing, or go on a safari,...

Alex Han

Finance Intern | Cape Town
Georgia Institute of Technology
13 August 2010

I started out feeling anxious and unsure about my trip to Cape Town. On the one hand, I was excited to see Cape Town and experience a new place with new people; on the other hand, I was nervous about how I would get around and how I would take care of myself so far away from home. However, I soon found out how helpful Connect-123 was, and I discovered...

Hugh Moore

Social Entrepreneurship Student | Cape Town
University of Georgia
7 August 2010

The Social Entrepreneurship program with Connect-123 was nothing of what I expected to say the least.  The first thing I learned is that you can’t guess what the experience is going to be like until you get out there and do it.  Learning business in the class room is one thing, but getting into the real world and facing real challenges is another.  Through the program’s real life experiences coupled...

John Nelson

Microfinance Intern | Cape Town
University of Texas at Austin
6 August 2010

I had an absolutely great experience during my three months in Cape Town and with Connect-123.  I worked for a local microlending institution, supporting their operations.  My work revolved around improving and establishing their loan application and collections processes.  The work experience was great: I learned a lot about an MFI’s workings as I delved into the operations specifics; I was given a lot of responsibility and ownership with my...

Dami Coker

Social Entrepreneurship Intern | Cape Town
University of Birmingham, Graduate
14 July 2010

I will always look back at the time I spent in Cape Town as one of the most eye-opening and exciting experiences I have had to date. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect at first but my internship in introduced me to a sector and concepts I’m not sure I would have been exposed to anywhere else. Over the course of three months I worked with an organisation that...

Andrew Tran

Economics Intern | Cape Town
James Madison University
5 March 2010

I was looking for a more personalized and unique experience abroad where I could step outside my comfort zone and immerse myself in a completely different culture. What Connect-123 offered was this and much more. After conversing with Steven about the possible opportunities that suited my academic curiosities, he found the perfect internship with an economic research group. I had the opportunity to work with professional economists dealing with social...

Tiffany Han

Microfinance Intern | Cape Town
Emory University
5 March 2010

Interning in Cape Town through Connect-123 opened my eyes to what a career in microfinance would look like. Before the internship, what I knew of microfinance came from articles and cursory research. But after being given real responsibilities that took me from the computer screen to local townships, I found passion in the work I was doing. The experience I gained from working in a new country and new field...

Prat Panda

Business Consulting Intern | Cape Town
UCLA, Graduate
2 March 2010

My time in Cape Town was absolutely priceless, and I owe so much to Connect for making it happen.  I graduated from college in 2006 and was working the crazy corporate life for three and a half years when I realized I needed a change of pace.  I decided to take two months off and spend them in an exotic land doing something that I’ve always wanted to do.  In...

Amanda Sipes

Non-Profit Marketing Intern | Cape Town
Bowling Green State University Graduate
28 January 2010

Going into the internship, I was not certain about what kind of job I would be interested in. However, Connect-123 placed me exactly where I wanted to be doing a marketing/event planning internship at a non-profit in Cape Town. It was more than I could have ever asked for in an internship. What really helped along the way was how the advisors at Connect-123 were always making sure we were...

Hannah Hawkes

Marketing Intern | Cape Town
University of Birmingham Graduate
6 January 2010

My decision to do an internship in Cape Town was a spontaneous one yet it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made so far. The 3 months I spent in Cape Town were some of the best months of my life. I fell in love with the city and the people that I met there. Connect-123 were fantastic. They organised the perfect internship and right...

Marcos Arteaga

Business Intern | Cape Town
University of Dueso-Este
9 December 2009

I have no words to explain the great experience I had in Cape Town with Connect-123! I decided to contact Connect-123, because it is not the same to travel to such an amazing country on your own or being sure you will be with other young students with same interest as you. It was one of the best decisions I took in my life! Today I still dream about those...

Tom Barone

Venture Capital Intern | Cape Town
University of Southern California
2 December 2009

I recently returned home from 14 weeks in Cape Town. I had no idea what to expect upon arriving but was comforted knowing that Connect-123 had set up living and work arrangements. While it was quite shocking at first, Cape Town felt like home after two weeks.  Most exciting and fun 14 weeks of my life. And I learned a lot at my internship in venture capital as well. If...

Hope Norman

Marketing Intern | Cape Town
University of Miami
6 October 2009

I can honestly say that Connect-123 and my summer internship changed my life. I know that’s a lofty statement, but it’s true!  Connect found me an internship at an entrepreneurship centre for local entrepreneurs, and I had the privilege of assisting people who wanted to work hard, improve their lives, and then help the people around them.  I couldn’t have asked for a better internship.  I was not only able...

Jamie Wisbey

Venture Capital Intern | Cape Town
University of Glasgow
28 September 2009

My internship with Connect-123 was an incredible experience. Connect-123 provided me with excellent support both before arriving in Cape Town and whilst I was there. I spent two months working for a venture capital firm that provided specialist advisory services to technology companies and entrepreneurs. The guys at my work were all very knowledgeable and I definitely learnt a lot from working with them. South Africa itself is a beautiful...

Ben Rodger

Economic Policy Intern | Cape Town
Trinity College Dublin
11 September 2009

The possibilities presented by Connect-123 to come to work in Cape Town were too good to turn down. They were able to provide a number of various interning opportunities which appealed to my interests, but the one that attracted me the most was that an economic policy institute. Prior to my arrival in South Africa, Connect made everything as easy as possible, from arranging accommodation to answering endless questions concerning...

Bart Robertson

Business Consulting | Cape Town
Indiana State University
15 August 2009

I decided to make things exciting for my last semester of college by interning abroad. Being from rural Indiana, I wanted to go somewhere completely foreign to me that I knew little if anything about, while at the same time devoting myself to a worthwhile cause. Interning in South Africa was the perfect location, and Connect-123 was the perfect company to help me with the process before, during, and even...

Ashley Tucker

Marketing Internship | Cape Town
Florida University
30 September 2008

From my first chat with Steven on the phone I knew that Connect 123 and South Africa was exactly what I was looking for – a serious internship experience in which I could not only learn a lot and gain professional experience but also in a place full of culture, history and adventure that I could explore. Professionally, I couldn’t have been more pleased with the my internship placement –...

Rob Everett

Marketing Internship | Cape Town
Loughborough University
9 September 2008

Organising my internship through Connect-123 was the best thing I could have possibly done. At first I thought they only organised events and an internship, but they have provided so much more. Going through Connect made this summer the time of my life! All Connect-123 students live in the same building so it couldn’t be any more social. Also the Connect office is in the same building, so the staff...

Michael Dearfield

Business Consulting Internship | Cape Town
University of Cincinnati
1 June 2008

My experience in Cape Town, South Africa was the greatest time of my life! I had a very exciting and rewarding internship, where I worked with a business college for students from the local townships. There, I was a business development intern for their Entrepreneurship Centre where I helped write business plans, create marketing strategies, and find investors for various entrepreneurs from the townships. I was also privileged to teach...

Jonny Darling

Business Development Internship | Cape Town
University College Dublin, Ireland
2 January 2008

These guys could just as well do online dating, such is their matchmaking prowess. Connect-123 are the peoples’ people. They put us first. Their innate sense of character and ability to read between the lines is spooky and they put it to good use with placements that fit like a glove. For me, these few months in South Africa have been the launch pad to many new beginnings…

Elyse Dornhecker

Business Consulting Internship | Cape Town
University of Minnesota
3 September 2007

My time in Cape Town was priceless. My internship experience was challenging, engaging, exciting, and so much more. I was able to interact with a unique culture and obtain valuable skills relevant to my area of study while feeling as though I was giving something back to those around me. The people at Connect made every effort to personally ensure our comfort, safety, and enjoyment during the time we were...

Morgan Sanders

Business Consulting Internship | Cape Town
Duke University
9 August 2007

My time in South Africa with Connect-123 turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had! My internship in small business consulting allowed me to work with several entrepreneurs from townships in and around Cape Town. My task was to refine my clients’ business ideas and write up business plans, but in the process I really developed a close rapport with them and genuinely wanted them...

Ashley Nelson

Business Consulting Internship | Cape Town
Texas State University
31 July 2007

My experience with Connect-123 significantly impacted my life. From the second I applied to the program until after I returned home they were in constant communication with me making sure everything went smoothly. I loved how the program participants were from all over the world, offering different experiences, opinions, and areas of interest. The dynamic environment of South Africa was something so incredible and so very different. The food, people,...

Andrew Thuss

Business Consulting Internship | Cape Town
London School of Economics
31 March 2007

After graduating from the London School of Economics I was not particularly sure what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to work internationally, but I did not want to stay in Europe. Connect-123 paired me with a great multi-national company that provided me with a great internship experience. Combined with the spectacular setting of Cape Town, my experience with Connect-123 helped me develop both professionally and personally. I...

Katja Fahrland

Business Consulting Internship | Cape Town
International School of Management Dortmund, Germany
28 August 2006

I had the time of my life in Cape Town, and this was largely due to Lea and Steven who run Connect-123. Both are so caring and give every intern the most personalized attention you can imagine. You can call them in the middle of the night and they will try to help you. With the type of the internship I was taking part in, they really tried to figure...

Ryan Murphy

Business Consulting Internship | Cape Town
University of Illinois
17 August 2006

Connect-123 exceeded all expectations imaginable and I will undoubtedly remember my time in Cape Town for the rest of my life. Not only did I have the opportunity to interact with and befriend local South Africans but Connect-123′s elaborate social calendar also allows for the making of strong friendships with other interns from around the world. I could not have spent my time in a more beautiful city with more...

Katharina Husemann

Business Consulting Internship | Cape Town
International School of Management Dortmund, Germany
30 June 2006

I did my internship in Cape Town in the summer of 2006 and I had one of the best times in my life! It was an overall great experience as far as my work, the other interns, the country and Connect-123 is concerned. I got to know so many nice young people from all over the world who made my time in South Africa unforgettable. Of course, Lea and Steven...

Ginny Nuckols

Business Consulting Internship | Cape Town
Global MBA, Robinson College of Business
4 March 2006

I was lucky enough to spend four months in Cape Town and with Steven and Lea Levy. I swear Steven and Lea know everybody! Steven placed me in the perfect internship for my needs. The company I worked for welcomed me immediately and treated me like one of the family, including whisking my boyfriend and me away to the wine country the first weekend we were in town. I was...

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