Melissa Allan

Human Rights Intern | Barcelona
University of Melbourne
14 July 2016

I am really glad I came across Connect-123. I did not have any requirements to satisfy for university courses but was looking to expand my horizons with work experience overseas. Connect-123 made the process comfortable and easy. They were very contactable and responsive.
Once in Barcelona too they were very accommodating. All of the staff members are very reliable and made me feel like I had a trustworthy point of contact, which is really nice when living in an unfamiliar city with different languages!!! Connect-123 take an individual interest in you and do their best to ensure you have a positive experience. The social events are well organized, super fun and a great way to meet new people.
I did my placement with an organization who works to support LGBTQI+ migrants and refugees in Barcelona. The organization is predominantly volunteer run. Everyone there was warm and welcoming to me and I loved it. I was given a lot of flexibility and freedom in terms of the work I did for them which was intimidating but also fantastic experience. In addition, I have thoroughly enjoyed living independently in a city I do not know well and where the culture is so different to my own. I would absolutely recommend an experience like this.

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Carolina Lubinus

Human Rights Intern | Barcelona
Georgetown University
13 July 2018

My internship in Barcelona was absolutely incredible. My goals for my time there, to get hands-on experience in the Human Rights field and improve my Spanish, were both reached beyond my expectations. I spent two months working for a small Human Rights NGO, where I was assigned to a project that allowed me to improve my research, analytical skills, and Spanish literacy skills. Since the office was so small, it...

Maansi Dewani

Human Rights Intern | Barcelona
University of Cambridge, UK
16 August 2017

My internship in Barcelona was one of the most interesting and innovating experiences of my life. I learned so much interning with a Human Rights NGO who aided different refugees and immigrants in Barcelona. The internship not only gave me the opportunity to learn about human rights in another country, but also to expand my Spanish and immerse myself in Spanish life and culture. Connect-123 was there to provide me...

Nicholas Portales

Human Rights Intern | Barcelona
University of St Andrews
9 October 2015

From start to finish, Connect-123 helped to make my internship more than enjoyable. I felt very comfortable throughout the entire process, and the placement process was smooth and controlled! I ended up finding two great internships to keep me busy for my two months in Barcelona. I have no doubt that they will both be very valuable experience to back up my CV in the future, and I learned a...

Tara Opalinski

Research Analyst Intern | Barcelona
Northeastern University
1 January 2014

Barcelona is the place to be-between its people, tapas, countless outdoor plazas, beautiful scenery, beaches and nightlife-there is something for everyone. My decision to go live and work in Barcelona was last minute. I was offered two internships, but the one I chose pertained to my career path most and was in the heart of Barca. I cannot emphasize how helpful it was to be a part of the Connect-123...

Jeanne Lieberman

Human Rights Intern | Barcelona
University of Chicago
9 August 2013

My Connect-123 experience has been great! The team connected me to all kinds of opportunities and to all of the people who have made it possible for me to have the eye-opening experience that I have had in Barcelona. There was tons of flexibility in every step of the process and everything has personalized around my goals and desires. I have found the perfect balance of support and independent decision-making...

Melisa Bak

Human Rights Intern | Barcelona
Northeastern University
24 July 2012

I did my internship in a social organization that works as a link or network between civil society organizations in Argentina and international donors. My work has been diverse, since the number of volunteers and interns is high and there is a variety of tasks to be done. I have translated documents, created presentations and articles for the organization´s website. I have also reviewed reports on Argentina´s current situation (economy,...
United States
North America

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