Roobini Daley

Education Volunteer | Cape Town
National University of Singapore
5 August 2016

My internship in Cape Town was definitely a unique experience that required me to step out of my comfort zones. The pick-up, welcome pack and orientation really helped me get settled into the different environment. The teaching internship was really different when I was paired with an organization to tutor Grade 2 and 3 students but it was a little too short and quick for me. I had ended my day at 12.30pm everyday and only started at 9.30am. I volunteered myself to teach Mathematics to students and was assigned to teach grade 6 mathematics while shadowing a teacher. After volunteering I felt more productive and had learnt more than I could imagine as compared to just the 3 hours of teaching. The monthly outings really helped to bring all the interns together and allowed us to mingle and at the same time learn more about Cape Town’s rich history and culture. Overall I think that my internship experience has been really good and I am really happy to have been able to experience it with the help of the Connect-123 staff.

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Jenny Reader

Teaching Volunteer | Cape Town
Canterbury Christ Church University, UK, Graduate
30 May 2012

I recently spent two months on a volunteering program in South Africa, organised by Connect-123. I can honestly say it was an amazing, once in a lifetime experience which I would recommend to anyone! I spent my time there working in a Primary School and with a Foster family. I learnt so much from this experience, so much of which I was able to take back home with me and...

Laura McFee

Teaching Volunteer | Cape Town
Quinnipac University
9 September 2011

The two months I spent in Cape Town through Connect-123 were simply incredible. It’s impossible to describe how much I learned about myself and how much I gained from volunteering in only a few paragraphs. Melanie set me up with a primary school where I volunteered as a teacher’s aide in various classrooms. The school is an incredible organization that provides impoverished children with an education, free of charge, to...
United States
North America

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