Vanessa Gonzalez

Microfinance Intern | Buenos Aires
Bryn Mawr College
3 September 2012

After spending two months in Buenos Aires, I absolutely fell in love with it – and the assistance I was given by Connect-123 at all times contributed immensely to that.

On the one hand, living in the capital of Argentina did not feel that foreign to me. I was born and raised in southern Brazil, and there were quite a few things I shared with the porteños beside a passion for mate and soccer. On the other hand, I would have not expected working there to be anything less than challenging. Whereas I was thrilled to do a microfinance internship with an amazing local NGO, I knew I needed to work very hard to get the most out of my experience — I was in a different country, had to speak a different language and feared the long journey I had ahead. However, I was glad to be in touch with the right people. Having Connect-123 to rely on was fundamental for me to make new friends, share experiences with a group of interns from all around the world, and feel at home in Buenos Aires.

During my internship, the NGO I worked with gave me the opportunity to learn about its microcredit programs, which assisted low-income families in the greater Buenos Aires area. My workmates were very kind, patient and welcoming, and some of my duties included interviewing women interested in applying for microloans; offering assistance during training sessions; and discussing investment strategies with local entrepreneurs. I also had to communicate exclusively in Spanish, which turned out to be a fun and rewarding experience.

Argentina gave me the chance to learn much about myself and my role as a professional and a global citizen, and these are lessons I will never forget. As I look back, I feel grateful for everything I learned over the past summer and better prepared to build on my knowledge about economic development as a set of tools used to fight poverty.

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Marko Jurkovich

Finance Intern | Buenos Aires
Carleton University
4 August 2019

My eight weeks in Buenos Aires were more rewarding than I could have hoped for, in no small part due to Connect-123. I interned at a small women's microfinance organization, to which I was matched through Connect-123. I came in with much uncertainty, lacking technical skills and high-level Spanish, so I was concerned about my role in my internship site. However, a great work environment and amazing coworkers made coming...

Madeline Sanchez

Finance Intern | Buenos Aires
Michigan State University
28 July 2017

I wasn't nervous to study abroad. I've traveled alone before and feel pretty comfortable wherever I go—so my biggest fear of coming to Buenos Aires was that the experience wouldn't live up to my previous ones. When I arrived in Buenos Aires, I was lucky enough to have two incredibly kind and hilarious host sisters that happened to be the same age as me. They immediately welcomed me into their...

Camille Falezan

Economic Development & Microfinance Intern | Buenos Aires
Harvard University
21 July 2016

As I drove away from the airport and as my gaze fell on the city of Buenos Aires, I immediately knew that this experience would be eye-opening and unique but I was far from imagining to what extent it would be! Buenos Aires is a dynamic and fascinating city, beautiful during the day and frantic during the night. There is so much to do that you cannot possibly get bored...

John Sanford

Finance Intern | Buenos Aires
Rhodes College Graduate
23 December 2014

I can only comment positively with regard to the service and personnel provided to me by Connect-123 throughout the entirety of my internship process in Buenos Aires. Katie and Paula are very personable people who not only found me a great internship, but put in the after hours work to make sure that myself and the other interns were comfortable in an unfamiliar city. The experience gained through my time...

Manny Tulumaris

Finance Intern | Buenos Aires
George Washington University Graduate
27 January 2014

My several months in Buenos Aires, Argentina were an incredible experience that allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. As a recent college graduate with a degree in Finance and Spanish, this was a perfect opportunity that allowed me to transition into life after graduation. As a former Division I athlete, spending a semester abroad was never an option, but I was convinced it was something I needed to...

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