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Camille Prairie

Medical Intern | Buenos Aires
Drexel University
12 August 2019

My six months as an intern with Connect-123 was an incredible learning experience. I met so many wonderful people at my internship, in Buenos Aires and around Argentina. I have returned to the US with skills I can carry with me for the rest of my life, as well as long-lasting friendships and amazing memories. My time at my internship as well as in Buenos Aires was eye-opening, fun, and challenged me to grow as a person and I think everyone should do something similar at some point. I would absolutely recommend Connect-123 and of course, Buenos Aires. I can’t wait to go back!

Internships in Buenos Aires

Hannah Marsh

Public Policy Intern | Buenos Aires
Michigan State University
7 August 2019

My time in Buenos Aires was absolutely amazing. I interned for a municipal government, and I had the opportunity to write two draft bills to present to the local council. This internship was a great way for me to refine my Spanish skills while learning more about how local government works. My working hours were very flexible, which allowed me to do a lot of traveling outside Buenos Aires. I was able to build lasting relationships with my co-workers, host family, friends that I met through this program, which is probably the biggest highlight of this journey for me. Being abroad isn't easy, but it's amazing how much you'll grow and learn in a little over two months. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Nothing about this journey is as perfect as it may look in the pictures, so keep an open mind and be ready to learn from your mistakes - as long as you do that you'll have a great time!

Internships in Buenos Aires

Marko Jurkovich

Finance Intern | Buenos Aires
Carleton University
4 August 2019

My eight weeks in Buenos Aires were more rewarding than I could have hoped for, in no small part due to Connect-123. I interned at a small women's microfinance organization, to which I was matched through Connect-123. I came in with much uncertainty, lacking technical skills and high-level Spanish, so I was concerned about my role in my internship site. However, a great work environment and amazing coworkers made coming to work every day a privilege. I learned so much during my work experience while also making tangible contributions to my organization. Connect-123-led cultural events also helped fellow interns and I get a feel for the city, especially during the first few weeks. Through my time in Buenos Aires, I was able to make connections, improve my Spanish, better clarify career goals, and experience life in a vibrant, unique city. Additionally, it was a singular opportunity to improve interpersonal and cross-cultural skills, while growing personally. To those considering interning via Connect-123 or in Buenos Aires, I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Internships in Buenos Aires

Carla Simone

Education and Teaching Intern | Buenos Aires
Michigan State University
2 August 2019

My two-month internship in Buenos Aires exceeded all of my expectations. I had the opportunity to help teach English at a school with grades first through seventh. As a Spanish education major and Teaching English as a Second Language minor I am very interested in languages and wanted hands-on experience in a school. From working one on one with students to teaching lessons, my education internship allowed me to gain real-world experience of what everyday life is like in a classroom. Aside from my internship, Buenos Aires is a great place. There is always something to do, from going to museums, shopping at fairs, to hanging out with friends in plazas there is something for everyone. This program is a great way to be immersed in another language and culture and I am so grateful for this opportunity!

Internships in Buenos Aires

Rikke Bangsborg

Healthcare Intern | Buenos Aires
Københavns Professionshøjskole
23 April 2019

During my internship in Buenos Aires, I learned a lot about myself and my professional interests. I met great friends from all over the world and was able to travel further to Uruguay and Brazil. However, the most important aspect I take away from this internship is valuable knowledge for my potential future career interest. I have been exposed to an environment and culture far from what I know, and it has allowed me to build confidence and become comfortable within my field. I have developed various crucial skills, such as intercultural sensitivity and health-oriented communication, as well as improved my ability to apply these skills in an appropriate setting. Altogether, during my time abroad in Buenos Aires, I have been able to strengthen my education and gain real-life experience, which will be essential assets in my future profession.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Julian White-Davis

Journalism Intern | Buenos Aires
Carleton College
16 April 2019

I’ve spent the last six months living in Buenos Aires, Argentina with Connect-123 and can honestly say that I have zero regrets about choosing them as a program to guide me through my journey here. I’m 19 years old and was fresh out of high school when I arrived in the “Paris of South America” to begin my gap year practicing journalism before attending Carleton College next year. From the business that they found for me to intern at, to the events that they organized throughout my stay, Connect-123 crafted an experience that I will never forget. The newspaper that I interned at provided me with the skills and knowledge to move forward in my career with confidence. They gave me the opportunity to write over 50 articles about news, politics, and lifestyle going on in Argentina. Through my coworkers, I got connected with writers at Vice and was able to publish numerous photographs online! To say the least, it has been a life-changing experience. In addition to the professional training that I received, Connect-123 also provided support on a personal and social front. As someone who had never lived alone before, the prospect of living alone for the first time in a city of almost three million people was daunting. However, the events put on by Connect-123 with fellow interns at other businesses made me feel more at home and provided me with a group of close friends from around the world that I am still in contact with today. From street art tours, to music concerts, to nights of pool at old neighborhood bars, the events also gave me a chance to get to the know the city from the perspective of both a tourist and a local. Thanks to Connect-123 and their services, I have learned more about myself and the world in six months than I have in years and years of my life back home. I wouldn’t change a single thing about my time here in Buenos Aires and now feel more prepared than ever to take on the challenges of the next chapter of my life.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Madeline Cook

Web Development Intern | Buenos Aires
Drexel University
27 February 2019

My six month internship in Buenos Aires surpassed all my expectations. The friendships I made with my fellow Connect interns, with other students studying abroad, and with my coworkers, I know I will cherish for the rest of my life. My experience as a programmer was 110% hands on. As the only programmer in the company, I was given all the work even remotely related to computers. This alone was much more than I would have managed at a similar internship in the US. Furthermore, because all the websites I created were for clients, I was able to meet with clients and really experience the process of digital marketing. Aside from my job, Buenos Aires as a city is wonderful. There is so much green space and culture. Even better, through Connect-123 I was able to participate in a plethora of free activities as well. I would definitely recommend Buenos Aires and Connect-123 to anyone who asks!

Internships in Buenos Aires

Danielle Anderson

Human Rights Intern | Buenos Aires
Vancouver Island University
22 November 2018

I got the amazing opportunity to work within the local government of San Isidro in Buenos Aires. As a student majoring in Political Science and International Development I have always been interested in learning about the inner workings of government institutions. I have gained invaluable and inspiring insight by watching the democratic process unfold first hand, seeing how laws and policies are drafted, debated, voted and implemented. I leave this experience knowing that we all have an important role to play in society when it comes to influencing the laws and policies that shape our communities. I cannot wait to take what I have learned back home to Canada with me and continue this amazing work!

Internships in Buenos Aires

Catherine Kozuch

Sustainable Development Intern | Buenos Aires
Case Western Reserve University
4 August 2018

My time in Buenos Aires was an experience I'll never forget! I didn't know what to expect, as I had never been to South America, but the city is amazing. You'll never be bored with the city, you could do something new every day for two months and you wouldn't run out of things to do. Whether that be strolling el Jardín Botánico Carlos Thays, checking out the art at The Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires, finding out where to get the best empanadas, or heading down to play foosball at Jobs Bar with your friends, there's something for everyone!
The Connect-123 team was incredibly helpful and supportive the entire way, they went above and beyond to make sure everything was running smoothly and to make sure I was comfortable. Aside from that, they organize events so that you can meet everyone else who's in Buenos Aires through Connect-123. I ended up meeting some amazing people, some of whom became some of my closest friends and doing most of everything with them.
As for my environmental sustainability internship, it was amazing to work with an environmental NGO. All of the employees were Argentinean, so it was a great way to meet people who weren't American and talk to them about Argentina and how things are in Buenos Aires. The NGO that I worked with worked alongside with the Ministry of Sustainable Development, so we could go around to offices, evaluate how they're running, and then create a report for them on how to get certified either bronze, silver, gold, or diamond in sustainability. From that report, they could either choose to do follow the recommendations on their own, or hire us to put those recommendations in action ourselves.
My favorite part, personally, was working with the schools! We would go to schools throughout Buenos Aires, from elementary to high schools, and from public to private schools, in order to give environmental workshops. We would come in and, especially with the little kids, have them do interactive activities in which they learned how to recycle properly, or how to save water in their own home. With the older kids, we would introduce more complex topics such as climate change and water/air pollution. It was great to help throughout the city both in getting buildings to utilize more sustainable practices, and spreading environmental education awareness! All in all, I would definitely recommend coming here!

Internships in Buenos Aires

Ben Ditlevson

Mechanical Engineering Intern | Buenos Aires
University of Texas at Dallas
13 July 2018

My mechanical engineering internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina was one of the best experiences I've ever had. I met friends, mostly through the Connect-123 events, who I will remember for the rest of my life. I made some treasured memories too. One thing I learned from my summer internship in Argentina was how to embrace my mistakes. Once I was able to accept that everything not everything had to be perfect (neither my Spanish nor my or first-time industrial design internship), I grew as a person and began to appreciate and learn so much. I wouldn't trade my summer internship for anything and I would do it over again in a heartbeat!

Internships in Buenos Aires

Reyhan Sinha

Sustainable Development Intern | Buenos Aires
University of Texas at Dallas
13 July 2018

Connect-123 facilitated my sustainable development internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina over the summer. It was hands down one the best things I've ever done! Not only did I learn about working in a foreign country, but I also learned how to adapt to unexpected situations at work and my confidence grew in my ability to voice my concerns and opinions with my supervisor. I met some of the most amazing people, I made lifelong friends and I traveled to fantastic places such as Iguazú and Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. The two most important takeaways for me from this experience abroad were: 1. learning Spanish, and 2. figuring out how to push myself beyond my comfort zone.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Wiktoria Brodzinska

Digital Marketing Internship | Buenos Aires
Drexel University
2 July 2018

Interning abroad in Argentina was unlike anything I could have ever imagined. Right from the start of my internship, I developed practical and tangible career skills that I will be able to utilize in the future. From designing logos, to coding in CSS, my digital marketing internship allowed me to explore various areas of marketing, helping me determine what I enjoyed most. Besides the wonderful work experience, I was amazed by the number of opportunities for learning and growth that were offered in the city of Buenos Aires itself! You could easily find yourself attending art exhibits, watching horse races, exploring antique fairs, seeing the ballet, napping in a park, and taste-testing the best dulce de leche in the world – all in only one weekend! I’m incredibly grateful to Connect-123 for providing me with an outlet for creating such wonderful memories, and most importantly, for connecting me with truly fantastic people from all over the world!

Internships in Buenos Aires

Amaruc Gessen

Engineering and Industrial Design intern | Buenos Aires
Drexel University
17 May 2018

Interning in Buenos Aires was an amazing experience. It exceeded all my expectations. The city is amazing, my housing was pretty good, the food is incredible and there is always something going on in the city that you can go and do. My engineering and industrial design internship was incredible, even though at first I was a bit intimidated because I did not know anything about 3D printing, but after the first few weeks of doing research, I was actively participating in the design and development projects. This really helped me develop my skills as an engineer and learn how to design and manufacture working prototypes to be implemented in the final product. Connect-123 was always there to help when needed, organizing cool events every week and helping me meet a group full of fantastic people. All in all the experience was a solid 11/10!

Internships in Buenos Aires

Josh Braun

Public Policy internship | Buenos Aires
Colarado University
14 May 2018

My time in Buenos Aires has been unreal. I really did not know what to expect before I arrived. There were so many uncertainties going into the experience, but I could not be happier with how everything turned out! I was welcomed with open arms at my host organization, had an international-filled and always exciting apartment, and the city, oh my gosh. The city is so vibrant and so alive. At times it can be overwhelming, but there is always, like really ALWAYS something to be a part of, or to experience. From cultural events to concerts to sharing mate with friends on a Sunday afternoon. As far as the internship is concerned, I was blown away with the work that I was able to do. I worked with an NGO and with the Provincial Government of Buenos Aires. The office was so welcoming, and the opportunities that I was given were so valuable. For my main project during the internship, I traveled around the province conducting interviews with municipal officials as part of a sustainable development report working in tandem with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. The work was meaningful, and hopefully in the future will have a tangible positive impact in the province. In short, I am so glad that I chose Connect 123, and will be forever grateful for my time in Buenos Aires.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Spencer Goodman

Health Care internship | Buenos Aires
Ball State University
26 April 2018

If I think back over the course of my short life, I can think of a few moments in which I was heavily challenged, grew, and came out of the situation a more mature individual. My time in Buenos Aires was certainly one of those: I experienced what it’s like to live in a big city, how to work around gaps in my knowledge of Spanish, and overall how to become more autonomous from living on my own so far away. The relationships, both with people from Connect-123 and my work placement, have been so uplifting and I miss them. In short, I would do it over again: Connect-123 gave me the chance to discover more of the world, as well as myself in my time in Buenos Aires.

Internships in Buenos Aires

James Addington

Law Intern | Buenos Aires
University of Canterbury
6 April 2018

After completing my studies at the University of Canterbury I wanted the challenge of living and working abroad in a foreign language. With the help of Connect-123 and the New Zealand Embassy to Argentina, I undertook a three-month legal internship in Buenos Aires. The experience has exposed me to the Argentine legal and commercial landscape and helped improve my Spanish. Buenos Aires is an epic city and I would 10/10 recommend this program!

Internships in Buenos Aires

Laura Davids

Medical and Health Care Internship | Buenos Aires
Wake Forest University
15 February 2018

My internship in Buenos Aires is something that I will always remember fondly. The city is vibrant and I had a never-ending list of things that I wanted to do! From Plaza de Mayo to intimate tango shows in San Telmo, there was never a dull moment. The people were kind and the city was unlike any place I have ever lived. Traveling around Argentina was also an incredible experience! My internship welcomed me with open arms, and I learned a great deal that I feel will be helpful to me in my future career. I am leaving Argentina with new passions and goals for my future, based on experiences I have had here. I initially had difficulty understanding the Argentine accent, but picked it up after a few weeks! Being immersed in the language helped my Spanish improve exponentially. The coordinators at Connect-123 were also very helpful, and answered every question I ever had. Having the support system of Connect-123 helped me make the most of my time in Buenos Aires!

Internships in Buenos Aires

Carly Bell

Communications Intern | Buenos Aires
Carleton University
1 November 2019

My two-month internship in Buenos Aires, Argentina was extremely transformative and more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. I interned at an organization that dedicates their efforts to the conservation of nature and promotes their values through education of the next generations. There I had the opportunity to write articles for their blog and conduct interviews with local contacts. My internship allowed me to learn about environmental issues and education in Argentina while developing professional skills like writing and doing research. Going into this experience I hadn’t spoken Spanish in years, but my supervisor and other staff were so kind, generous and patient that I was able to feel at ease practicing at the office. My work schedule allowed me plenty of time to explore the city and go on short trips with friends. Connect-123 organized some great cultural activities that allowed us to explore new parts of the city. This was my first time living in a big city, and Buenos Aires has so much to offer. This experience helped me to step out of my comfort zone and gain a lot of independence and confidence in myself while still feeling safe and supported. By the end of the summer, I felt really at home in Buenos Aires and plan to go back as soon as possible. Overall, I highly recommend this experience!

Internships in Buenos Aires

Ioana Moldovan

Healthcare Intern | Buenos Aires
Boston University
7 September 2017

Having had the experience of studying abroad for four months in Spain, my unease for an adventure in Buenos Aires did not come from lacking language skills. Instead, I feared feeling lonely and out of place, both in the city and in the public hospital where I completed my internship. Truth be told, I did struggle at the beginning because the weather conditions were not short of depressing, which made it difficult to start exploring the city. Shortly after I started my internship, however, I met other program participants at social events and the hospital where I interned. During my time in this hospital, which focuses on care for mothers and children, I rotated among specialties such as obstetrics, pediatrics, and neonatology. The residents became my friends and the doctors took me under their wing, making sure that I understood the medical terminology and the procedures involved in patient treatment. My time in Buenos Aires was filled with close friendships, adventures in the city, and it concluded with a confirmation of my desire to pursue a career in medicine.

Internships in Buenos Aires

Kourtney Walter

Environment and Sustainability Volunteer | Buenos Aires
Drexel University
22 August 2017

My experience in Argentina was definitely a worthwhile experience. I was able to learn, practice, and enhance my Spanish speaking skills by just everyday life and by attending classes the organization suggested. I learned so much about a culture that was different from mine; I ate styles of food I have never eaten and of course, the culture of mate was a big learning experience. I loved that the country has a huge sharing culture, which explains the large prevalence of mate sharing. I am taking a few mate cups home to share with my family and friends, so they can learn too. Argentina is an incredibly beautiful country with many places to visit to keep your weekend or days off busy. Just walking around Buenos Aires there is so much to see and do, like going to Recoleta Cemetery, Puerto Madero, San Telmo market, Casa Rosada, and so many more. I was fortunate enough to also take 2-weekend trips; one to Iguazu falls, which was incredible and another to Puerto Madryn to whale watch and swim with sea lions :) My experience exploring Argentina was amazing. I've made so many unforgettable friends that I hope to keep in contact with and plan to visit eventually.

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