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Jessica Borek

Journalism Internship | Cape Town
George Washington University
11 October 2006

My experience in Cape Town would not have been as extraordinary as it was, without the expertise of Connect-123. They are the most well connected people in Cape Town and took a caring and holistic approach to ensure that my internship, accommodation and social experiences were nothing short of amazing. The small size of the program combined with planned excursions to wineries, scenic hikes and popular clubs, to matching my interests and skills with an internship that fit perfectly with my majors has truly made my time in Cape Town unforgettable, and has undoubtedly left me wishing I could extend my stay. I feel as though I have made lasting relationships with the people I have met here and am certain that my international internship experience combined with a great reference letter from my boss will give me an edge on the competition when applying for other positions back in the States.

Internships in Cape Town

Xavier Bengoa

Sustainable Development Internship
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
5 October 2006

The placement was ideal, from both a personal and professional perspective. I couldn’t have imagined such a great work atmosphere, with the friendliest South Africans ever. Thanks again!

Silvia Carl

Publishing Internship | Cape Town
University of Cooperative Education, Stuttgart
25 September 2006

My two months in Cape Town was an amazing time! The Connect-123 staff were really helpful and made me feel welcome throughout my time here. To know I could call them at anytime to ask for anything made me feel safe, welcome and never alone being far from home. Choosing Connect-123 to do an internship in South Africa was a great decision!

Internships in Cape Town

Matthew Price

Public Policy Internship | Cape Town
University of Oklahoma
29 August 2006

One word sums up my experience in South Africa: incredible! I was there for three months and had the time of my life. Steven and Lea, who run Connect-123, are two of the greatest and most accommodating people in the world and they are completely dedicated to making sure that each intern has a positive and life changing experience. They both have extensive experience in traveling and working with younger people. On top of that, as the company implies, they are two of the most well connected people in the city. When you meet them you will understand what I mean. While I have done internships in other places, Steven and Lea are one of the main reasons why I would recommend Connect-123 and Cape Town above any other. I don’t know what else I can say other than to tell you to take the adventure to the end of the world and make the most of Cape Town and Africa. It is an incredible journey that I will never forget.

Internships in Cape Town

Emily Hughes

Medical Internship | Cape Town
Georgetown University
29 August 2006

From the indescribable poverty of the townships to the gorgeous, breathtaking landscapes of the wine lands and coast, the amazing thing about Cape Town is that it is such a land of extremes. Fortunately I was able to see both extremes as Connect-123 was great at organizing trips to venture beyond the city and my internship granted me access to the clinics in the townships. My internship in the clinic, a mixture of both helping and observing, also allowed me to learn a great deal about HIV and antiretroviral treatment. Besides arranging my fantastic internship and organizing memorable social events, Connect-123 are great in that they truly care about making each student’s experience in Cape Town the best that it can be and thus offer very personalized attention. This has been an amazing experience that I will always value; I only wish I had stayed longer!

Internships in Cape Town

Katja Fahrland

Business Consulting Internship | Cape Town
International School of Management Dortmund, Germany
28 August 2006

I had the time of my life in Cape Town, and this was largely due to Lea and Steven who run Connect-123. Both are so caring and give every intern the most personalized attention you can imagine. You can call them in the middle of the night and they will try to help you. With the type of the internship I was taking part in, they really tried to figure out my personal expectations. On the weekends, they always tried to arrange interesting activities so that I also became extremely familiar with the country. The Connect-123 program was the best choice for my internship South Africa. So, thank you very much for your help, support and the great time you made possible for me!

Internships in Cape Town

Ryan Murphy

Business Consulting Internship | Cape Town
University of Illinois
17 August 2006

Connect-123 exceeded all expectations imaginable and I will undoubtedly remember my time in Cape Town for the rest of my life. Not only did I have the opportunity to interact with and befriend local South Africans but Connect-123′s elaborate social calendar also allows for the making of strong friendships with other interns from around the world. I could not have spent my time in a more beautiful city with more beautiful people while accruing unique and valuable work experience. Still not convinced? Based on interview offers, my resume has tripled in quality! What more could I ask for?

Internships in Cape Town

Brett Abrams

Medical Internship | Cape Town
Northwestern University
13 August 2006

The hospital was a great place, and I got a good general feel for the way it operates. Connect-123’s social events have also been great. It was extremely nice to have social events that allowed me to get to know the group better and become a part of team Connect! I wish I could extend my internship for another 8 weeks!

Internships in Cape Town

Sarah Wilson

Nutrition Internship | Cape Town
University of Wisconsin
31 July 2006

My internship was perfect. Connect-123 understood what I wanted and made it happen! They were also very hands-on, took care of all the details, and gave me everything I needed to make the most of my time in Cape Town. I met such wonderful people and learned so much at my internship that my only regret is not staying longer.

Internships in Cape Town

Marina Cardona

Journalism Internship | Cape Town
University of Notre Dame
24 July 2006

Connect-123 gives you the most personalized attention and treatment you can get ever! From matching you up with a great internship, to finding you the ideal housing arrangement, to making your stay in beautiful Cape Town fun and enjoyable, Connect-123’s internship program was perfect. My accomodation was excellent, very comfortable and spacious, and located very close to the city centre and to my internship office on a very quiet and safe street. One of the best things about this program is that you can be very independent, but also easily meet and get-together with the other interns, all from different countries and interests, or you can join in on the weekend sightseeing and adventure trips.

Internships in Cape Town

Jenna Stenger

Animal Science Volunteer | Cape Town
University of Minnesota
7 July 2006

Working through Connect-123 made everything easy. The internship I did was perfect for me, and the individual attention that I got really made me feel comfortable about traveling to Cape Town. The Connect-123 group get-togethers were a great way to really experience what the Western Cape has to offer and I can’t wait to come back.

Internships in Cape Town

Katharina Husemann

Business Consulting Internship | Cape Town
International School of Management Dortmund, Germany
30 June 2006

I did my internship in Cape Town in the summer of 2006 and I had one of the best times in my life! It was an overall great experience as far as my work, the other interns, the country and Connect-123 is concerned. I got to know so many nice young people from all over the world who made my time in South Africa unforgettable. Of course, Lea and Steven did a fantastic job in supporting us wherever it was necessary and in showing us the wonderful region around Cape Town. And with the help of Lea, you know every hotspot and place worth knowing in just a few days  . If you have the chance to go to Cape Town with Connect-123, go immediately!

Internships in Cape Town

Catherine Ellis

Journalism Internship | Cape Town
University of Warwick, United Kingdom
2 May 2006

Connect-123 was absolutely fantastic in arranging the internship, accommodation, social activities and much more. My internship has given me the professional edge I needed for a career in journalism and has benefited me profoundly. I came to South Africa hoping for a great time and my expectations were more than fulfilled. I can’t recommend the country, the people and Connect-123 highly enough! I experienced more than I ever thought I could: sky diving, shark cage diving, going on a safari and writing for an internationally recognised magazine. The only bad thing about my experience was having to leave and come back home!

Internships in Cape Town

Ginny Nuckols

Business Consulting Internship | Cape Town
Global MBA, Robinson College of Business
4 March 2006

I was lucky enough to spend four months in Cape Town and with Steven and Lea Levy. I swear Steven and Lea know everybody! Steven placed me in the perfect internship for my needs. The company I worked for welcomed me immediately and treated me like one of the family, including whisking my boyfriend and me away to the wine country the first weekend we were in town. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel all over South Africa both with my job and independently. It’s a beautiful country and I don’t think anyone has lived until they have seen the sun set over the escarpment and God’s Window in Mpumalanga. Having the safety net of built in friends, an active social calendar and not to mention all logistics sorted out, made my experience with Connect-123 extremely valuable. Steven and Lea aren’t just service providers; they became my friends. I will miss the beautiful country and can’t wait to come back!

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