There are many additional internships available in Barcelona. If you’re unsure of what area you would like to work in – don’t worry! Submit an enquiry on the inquire now page and we’ll be in touch shortly to set up a call. Talking through your ideas with one of our Connect-123 team members often helps clarify what type of internship you’d really like to have, and what you’re not interested in. On the other hand, if you know exactly what area you wish to focus on, but it doesn’t feature on our list of opportunities, then we’re all ears! Chances are we already have the right network in place to be able to arrange the internship you are looking for…just try us!

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Joey K

Translation Intern | Barcelona
Harvard University

I had the wonderful opportunity to intern as a translator at a communications firm in Barcelona. As a linguistics major, this was a great chance to explore possible career options

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Crystal Collazo-DeLeon

Youth Development Intern | Barcelona
Drexel University

The three months I spent in Barcelona were some of the best and most rewarding months of my life! Since day one it was an unforgettable experience. I was able to meet incredible and diverse individuals who later became some of the best friends I’ve ever made; we shared many amazing memories together that I will treasure forever.

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Julia Friend

Psychology Intern | Barcelona
Harvard University

I interned at a psychology center, working on a variety of projects from management, to creative, to clinical, and even getting to sit in on patient visits. I cannot express how much I learned and how grateful I am for the experience. I truly could not have found a better or even equivalent opportunity in the US.

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Marcella Cross

Nanotechnology intern | Barcelona

I am so glad that I chose Connect-123. My nanotechnology internship in Barcelona was incredible. Connect-123 was extremely helpful and assisted me in finding housing, coordinating with other students, getting a phone plan, and learning my way around the city. My internship experience was fantastic!

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Maria Estrada

Fashion Design Intern | Barcelona
Michigan State University

Coming to Spain has been on my bucket list, and I never imagined it was actually going to happen. I am a Textile and Apparel Fashion Design student, thirsty for experiences and making worldwide connections that will help me later on in life. The i...

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