Economic Development Internships in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a city with huge economic potential just waiting to be realized. Buenos Aires economic development interns will benefit from our vast network of local companies and nonprofits offering a wide range of economic development-related internships. We’ve got opportunities in business consulting, microfinance, teaching and mentoring, economic research, and emerging market entrepreneurship.

Specific economic development projects can vary but have included evaluating the impact of international cooperation on local development projects such as bringing gas and water to disadvantaged communities, helping to set up a pilot micro-lending program, providing support for low income entrepreneurs and assisting efforts that promote the in the social, cultural and economic growth of disadvantaged communities.

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Cody Amengual

Economic Development Intern | Buenos Aires
Penn State University

Living abroad is certainly a challenge for someone who is not completely fluent in the language of that country. Working there is even more of a challenge. The Connect-123 program helped fill in the many gaps that were hard to fill for ...

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Alice Runion

Economics Intern | Buenos Aires
Ball State University

Studying abroad had been something I was interested in for a while, but I wasn't very excited about programs that only offered classes in other countries.  After hearing about Connect-123's internship programs, I was so excited that I would be able ...

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Lara Sepulveda Machado

Economic Development Intern | Buenos Aires
Seattle University

I interned with Connect-123 in Buenos Aires for 10 weeks in a micro-finance non-profit organization. My internship was exactly what I was looking for and if otherwise, it wouldn’t have made my stay in vibrant Buenos Aires the same. The city has so ...

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Shannon Griel

Microfinance Intern | Buenos Aires
Miami University Graduate

My experience in Buenos Aires, Argentina was truly enjoyable and enlightening.  Connect-123 made the entire process easy, smooth, and rewarding, from finding me an internship in my area of interest, to finding me a great apartment in Buenos Aires. ...

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