Public Policy Internships in Buenos Aires

As the seat of political power in Argentina, Buenos Aires witnesses a lot of policy making, as well as the kind of advocacy and lobbying activities that aim to shape how policies are created. A public policy internship in Buenos Aires can give you experience in this process from a number of different angles – whether it be research and advocacy for human rights organizations and nonprofits, or capacity building and policy development and implementation within certain government structures and agencies, or for the think tanks that advise them. Interns may find themselves working in the policy making of many fields such as social equality, education, social and economic development, environment or strengthening government institutions.

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Hannah Marsh

Public Policy Intern | Buenos Aires
Michigan State University

My time in Buenos Aires was amazing. I interned for a municipal government, and got the opportunity to write draft bills to present to local council.

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Josh Braun

Public Policy internship | Buenos Aires
Colarado University

The work was meaningful, and hopefully in the future will have a tangible positive impact in the province. In short, I am so glad that I chose Connect-123, and will be forever grateful for my time in Buenos Aires.

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Samantha Minnette

Public Policy Intern | Buenos Aires
Michigan State University

The three months that I spent in Buenos Aires were amazing,as I spent them improving my Spanish,exploring a culturally rich city,and meeting new and exciting people every day! Working in my internship really impacted the way that I look at my degree and the future that I want to pursue!

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Alba Semidei

Public Policy Intern | Buenos Aires
Michigan State University

Traveling and interning in Buenos Aires has been a dream come true! Connect-123 found me the perfect internship where I was able to grow and improve my professional skills.

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Manon Steel

Public Policy Intern | Buenos Aires
Michigan State University

My experience with my internship was amazing and a once in a lifetime opportunity. Through my job I was able to become more confident in my Spanish and absolutely more fluent, as well as improve my professional skills.

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