Economic Development Internships in Barcelona

Historically, Barcelona’s strategic location has allowed an important trade relationship with France, the rest of Spain, and other Mediterranean countries. In fact, this was the city’s main activity until the industrial revolution. Today, the Spanish economy is the fifth-largest in Europe, making Barcelona an amazing city for economic development internships. Projects may include evaluating the impact of international cooperation on local development projects, helping to set up a pilot micro-lending program, assessing the impact of community-based interventions, assessing the portfolio-at-risk for microfinance institutions, and developing export strategies for Barcelona-based entrepreneurs.

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Chelsea Temple

Economics & Public Policy Intern | Barcelona
Rhodes College

I have always dreamed of coming to Spain. It was a pipe-dream, really, as I never thought I would actually be able to go. So, when I found out that my school was financing an internship in Barcelona through the Connect-123 program, I was dually dumbf...

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Rana El Naggar

Economic Development Intern | Barcelona
American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

I grew up in the Middle East, and finished my Undergraduate degree in Business Administration, in Dubai. I decided to change my career path to International Relations, and now planning to study a postgraduate degree in the UK. I decided to intern ...

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