Film and Photography Internships in Cape Town

In recent years Cape Town has become a very popular filming location as well as a favorite destination for commercial photography. The exquisite natural beauty of the mountains, beaches and Winelands is matched by the versatility of the city locations – which can provide a gracious European feel or a modern urban backdrop as required. In fact film has been identified as a key growth sector by the city. Connect-123 has links with production companies, documentary makers and a local community television channel. Projects are ongoing and there are different opportunities available throughout the year.

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Addison C

Film and Photography Intern | Cape Town
Clemson University

I worked with a young and vibrant media production company. The internship gave me the flexibility and creative freedom to take on a variety of projects over the span of three months. I left with an expansive portfolio, new friends, and a big dose of Cape Town culture.

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Joseph Smithey

Film Intern | Cape Town
University of Pennsylvania

The two months I spent in Cape Town were two of the best months of my life and I cannot wait to go back. From the connections I made to everything that I saw and did both at work and outside of it, I was able to accomplish all that I went there for and more.

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Sharan Chawla

Film Intern | Cape Town
Stanford University

Connect-123 not only ‘connected’ me to an incredible professional opportunity, but also to amazing people in Cape Town. I worked at a media-based NGO that uses documentary-style filmmaking to catalyze change on a global level. I was able to learn film editing, work on digital marketing projects, build a proposal to incubate small businesses in townships around Cape Town, and form strong relationships with everyone at my workplace.

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Brian Miller

University of Arizona | Cape Town
Film Internship

Connect-123 is a great company. The service that Steven and Lea provide is fantastic! I worked in the film business in L.A. but I visited Cape Town and absolutely fell in love with the outdoor lifestyle, the beautiful city and warm, fri...

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Ben Ogden

Film Internship | Cape Town
Rutgers University

Connect-123 is a truly extraordinary organization. In the service they provide, they somehow manage to strike the perfect balance between hands-on assistance in practically every aspect of your experience in Cape Town (from finding you the perfect wo...

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