Faizan Rai

Public Policy intern | Cape Town
King's College London
18 July 2018

Culture, politics, and nature. It is fair to say that my time in Cape Town can be characterized by these three defining features, along with much more. Having the opportunity to live, work and holiday in Cape Town exposed me to a whole new way of life, which is something I looked forward to before coming here.

The city and indeed the whole country is abundant in culture, with various beautiful languages being spoken all the time and music being played from all walks of life. The accepting nature of South Africans compels me to return, as I have made lasting friendships during my experience here. Another aspect of Cape Town I have loved is how history and politics has echoed all around me, always. As a student of International Relations, I was eager to learn how South Africa functions. Through visiting historically significant sites such as Robben Island and various museums commemorating South Africa’s history, I have developed a passion for South African affairs and I wish to play a part in the progressive ambitions it has for its future. What has struck me most is how, despite the turbulent past, the people of South Africa remain ambitious, forgiving and hopeful to create a free and just society.

Finally, it is fair to say that Cape Town is the most beautiful city I have lived in. The stunning landscape of three beautiful mountains on one side and the jaw-dropping blue sea on the other, with a city of narrow streets and skyscrapers sandwiched in between made waking up at 7am every morning more than enjoyable, as every day provided me with a new experience.

I can count myself extremely lucky with the opportunities I was provided during my internship. Working in government was the ideal internship for me and Connect-123 ensured I gained an internship I would be happy with. The highlight of my work experience was being able to travel around the country for work. During my travels to Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth, I have gained vital professional skills as well as vast exposure to South Africa as a nation. In summary, I must thank connect-123 for making Cape Town such a memorable experience and exposing me to South Africa, a country that I will surely return to.

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Nicholas Prince Asaga

Public Policy Intern | Cape Town
University of Fort Hare
19 February 2019

Just like jobs, looking for an internship or volunteering project is increasingly becoming very difficult. Sometimes people have their applications rejected, not because they are not competent enough, but because their application documents lack vital make or break elements with regards to format and approach. That is where Connect-123 comes to the rescue! Connect-123, believing everyone deserves an opportunity, helped me get the perfect internship I was looking for. The...

Alex Schramkowski

Public Policy intern | Cape Town
Rhodes College
11 July 2018

When I journeyed to Cape Town, the questions I had about the culture, my internship, the city, and the country as a whole were constantly on my mind. Would I enjoy myself? Would my internship cater to my professional and personal aspirations? Would I make important connections for my future? Would I learn about South African history and culture through incredible trips and site visits? All of those questions, retrospectively,...

Ashley Williams

Public Policy Intern | Cape Town
King's College London
10 August 2017

My internship in Cape Town was truly amazing! I worked at an arts and culture governmental organisation that has a legal mandate to identify, protect and conserve heritage resources, of which, can be both intangible and tangible. My department was responsible for ensuring heritage resources are not altered in anyway but are preserved and passed on to future generations. I visited various heritage sites and, as part of my outcome based tasks, produced site visit reports. I...

Alexandra Wilson

Political Science Intern | Cape Town
Colgate University
28 August 2015

My experience with Connect-123 this summer entailed making incredible friendships coupled with the internship of my dreams. I was able to put my international development studies to practical use in a country that has undergone tremendous strides in the development sector, post apartheid, and is on a dynamic and exponential trajectory. One of the highlights was my boss flying me to Johannesburg to aid in and absorb the process of...

Renee Barouxis

Public Policy Internship | Cape Town
University of Massachusetts Amherst
24 September 2013

After learning about South African history in college, I was eager to learn more about the country's politics through an internship in the country. With Connect-123's assistance, I landed an internship with so many opportunities: sitting in the Parliament's gallery above President Zuma as he defended his 2013 State of the Nation Address to Members of Parliament, hearing the Minister of Health explain ways to lower child mortality rates, or...

Zephia Ovia

Public Policy Intern | Cape Town
University of Manchester, UK
17 September 2012

My Cape Town experience was definitely the highlight of my summer! Leaving my comfort zone and taking the adventurous risk to live in a different country where the culture is somewhat different from what I am used to was worth it. Connect-123 helped in bringing young vibrant people together to have a summer experience like never before. From hosting various activities such as a wine tasting and karaoke nights to...

Jane Sanders

Public Policy Intern | Cape Town
Furman University
6 August 2010

I’d had it in my head since first visiting Africa in 2007 that I wanted to make it back before too long.  I had no idea that I’d be able to be back in Cape Town just three years later.  I had a lot of expectations for my trip.  I wanted to feel connected to the city.  I wanted to meet people from all over.  I wanted to feel like...

Matthew Price

Public Policy Internship | Cape Town
University of Oklahoma
29 August 2006

One word sums up my experience in South Africa: incredible! I was there for three months and had the time of my life. Steven and Lea, who run Connect-123, are two of the greatest and most accommodating people in the world and they are completely dedicated to making sure that each intern has a positive and life changing experience. They both have extensive experience in traveling and working with younger...
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