Jack Herstam

Marketing Intern | Cape Town
Santa Clara University
4 September 2017

My internship has been a bit different than what I expected. There has not been much direction in terms of how I am supposed to organize the event, which is not a bad thing. My supervisor simply instructed me to “go crazy” with sponsors, advertisement, and endorsements. It was difficult making connections and networking in a city that is completely unknown to me, but the challenge has been rewarding. I have found many individuals who are willing to support the company’s work in reducing homelessness, gangsterism, and incarceration by making contributions to my efforts. I have also learned to communicate a non-profit business model, something I had no prior experience with.

My program coordination in Cape Town has been nothing short of fantastic. I have two coordinators who work with me. Both are natives of South Africa (Cape Town and Johannesburg). They have been wonderful, providing enough guidance to see me through my first days while giving me the space to grow and discover on my own. They have planned social events with other students in this summer’s group on a weekly basis, from cooking events to countryside expeditions. I have been so fortunate to find friends here, both in my program and outside of it, who I believe will be comrades long after our time here is complete

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Paige Rideout

Marketing Intern | Cape Town
Ball State University
18 January 2018

My experience with Connect-123 was nothing short of amazing. My initial expectation was to gain an internship, but I left with so much more. Connect-123 not only guided me to the internship of my dreams, but they also connected me to a new-found family in Cape Town. I built lasting relationships with employers, made life-long friendships and found my home away from home. Working as an intern in marketing not...

Andrew Brennan

Marketing and Communications Intern | Cape Town
Washington and Lee University
13 July 2018

My experience in South Africa was incredible. I was able to fully immerse myself in the country by exploring the different landscapes, meeting the people, and learning the culture. From hiking Table Mountain, walking on the beaches of Camps Bay, or going on safari in the Garden Route, South Africa’s natural environments are truly stunning. Additionally, interacting with different people through my internship, service opportunities, and other Connect-123 events gave...

Ryan Coats

Marketing Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University
4 April 2017

Leading into my last summer as a college student, I was seeking a life-changing experience and South Africa gave me exactly that. I was happy to be placed in an internship at a technology start-up company located in the up-and-coming Woodstock neighborhood. My internship was challenging and provided me with unique international business experiences; it has already contributed to my career. Many times, I would get out of work and...

Chad Allen

Marketing Intern | Cape Town
University of Northern Colorado
27 March 2017

My experience in Cape Town was absolutely incredible, and I’ll try my best to shorten the best three months of my life into just two paragraphs. I had never traveled outside of the U.S. before, and everyone told me that Cape Town would spoil any future destinations I had in mind. There are countless things to do in your spare time. South Africa is incredibly diverse and there is plenty...

Simona Kipfer

Marketing Intern | Cape Town
Berne Kirchenfeld University
16 June 2015

Arriving in Cape Town, the Connect-123 Team welcomed me and made sure that I felt comfortable in my new home. They assured me that if I had problems or questions I could always come to them. Staying in an apartment meant meeting not only other program participants but also a bunch of locals, which is a huge privilege. It`s never gets boring, that’s for sure, and you are never on...

Lauren Frank

Marketing Intern | Cape Town
University of San Diego
25 August 2014

My experience with Connect-123 has been absolutely amazing!  I was terrified coming to Cape Town by myself, but Connect made it super easy to get acclimated to life in South Africa. Putting on awesome events that got us out and about in the city! My expectations were far surpassed. I am not kidding when I say that Cape Town is my favorite city in the entire world. I’ve traveled quite...

Ruth Schorr

Marketing Intern | Cape Town
University of North Carolina, Charlotte
3 August 2013

My time in Cape Town with Connect-123 was more than I could have ever asked for. With an easy transition into Cape Town life, I found everyday to be a new adventure and it was wonderful having many other interns around to share that experience with. Whether it was hiking, shopping, going on evening outings there was never a shortage of things to do or people to do them with....

Megan Petrous

Marketing Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University
7 May 2012

Coming to South Africa to intern for three months was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only was I able to explore the beautiful city of Cape Town, but also got to meet wonderful friends, make great memories, and gain valuable work experience. As a marketing intern for an environmentally focused social enterprise, I was part of several unique projects that allowed me to explore different career...

Sara Reed

Non-Profit Marketing Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University, Graduate
29 November 2010

It didn't matter how many people from my school arrived with me.  I was still on this adventure by myself, to learn, grow, and explore this new place. It was intimidating at first, to realize I would be commuting to work independently, but after days of finally finding my routine and becoming familiar with the way the city worked, it gave me such confidence in myself that I could achieve...
United States
North America

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