Michaela Bromm

Human Rights Intern | Dublin
SUNY at Oneonta
20 July 2017

Interning in Dublin was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. I had the opportunity to live in a different city and work for a great non-profit organization! I made so many friends through the Connect-123 program, which was fantastic. I always had someone to go on adventures with me around Ireland and Europe.

The Connect-123 staff was incredibly thoughtful and helpful. The staff always answered my many emails with no problems. They made applying for my internship and living in Ireland an easy and welcoming experience. It was nice having people there for you actually in Dublin if you needed something. What I found extremely helpful was that Connect-123 gave us sim cards, public transportation cards, and directions on how we should get to our work. This definitely helped prepare me for my internship.

Dublin was a really great city to travel around. I enjoyed walking around the city (which is what I did most), taking the Luas tram on the north side of Dublin, using the DART train system to go to different coastal towns, and using the Dublin Bus system.

My internship experience was quite rewarding. I am very interested in International Relations, Foreign Affairs, and Geography. I worked for a human rights organization that supports, advocates for, and promotes awareness for the trans community. My coworkers were incredibly kind and respectable. They answered all the different questions I had, and I learned so much!

I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to intern or volunteer abroad. I recommend coming to Dublin as it is a very easy-going city. It was very easy getting to know the people and the culture. Traveling to Ireland for this internship was my first time leaving the country, and I had absolutely no problems! I cannot wait to go back!

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Ivanna Olvera

Human Rights Intern | Dublin
Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla
13 June 2019

As an International Relations student, I was looking for the best option for an internship abroad. I’m interested in global issues such as international law, nationality, migration and human rights. Thanks to Connect-123, I secured a placement in a non-profit organization that assists immigrants and refugees with naturalization in Dublin, Ireland. This experience is by far one of the best I’ve had as it helped me grow professionally and personally....

Anne Willems of Brilman

Human Rights intern | Dublin
University College Roosevelt
24 June 2018

After I got my legal bachelor’s degree I decided I wanted to take some time off to get some practical experience in the field before continuing to get my master’s degree. I chose Connect-123 because of its connections abroad, specifically in the field of human rights. Thanks to Lea Levy and Nikki Madden (Dublin Programme Coordinator) I spent six months working for a human rights organization in Dublin. Coming to Dublin,...

Becky Franklin

Human Rights Intern | Dublin
University of Leeds
2 August 2017

During my time in Dublin, I interned at a non-profit organisation, which aided migrant and refugee families in gaining their Irish citizenship. I really enjoyed my time at the company and felt it has greatly benefitted me for my future career. It taught me a lot of skills that are invaluable and really gave me the confidence that I was lacking. If you are looking for a historic and vibrant...

Eli Quirk

Human Rights Intern | Dublin
Cape Breton University
1 August 2017

Dublin was a learning opportunity for me in so many ways. Before moving to Ireland for a few months to intern at a non-profit organization working with homelessness, I had only lived in my small-town community. I went from knowing everyone on my street and saying hello to all my friends, family and neighbours in the grocery store to not even knowing one person on that side of the Atlantic. To...

Vivian Asonye

Human Rights Intern | Dublin
University of Texas, Dallas
5 August 2014

I was given the opportunity to intern in Dublin this summer, and I can honestly say it was the experience of a lifetime. Everything about living in Dublin was refreshing and exciting, and I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. Not only did I stay in a safe, if not a tad bit distant area from the city centre of Dublin, but my accommodations were also extremely clean and...

Martina Peter

Human Rights Intern | Dublin
University of Bern, Switzerland
22 August 2013

During six amazing months I was an intern in an Irish NGO based in Dublin. My work consisted of helping migrants with their application for citizenship. I had not expected connect-123 to find such a great match for myself – but they did it. Even though I did not have a clear idea of what exactly I wanted to do (it just had to be in the social sector and...
United States
North America

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