Nicholas Hadjimichael

Business Intern | Barcelona
University of Chicago
12 October 2015

I took part in the Connect-123 Barcelona Internship Program for two months in order to have an immersive internship experience that would inform my career path, give me a true work experience, and allow me to practice my Spanish in a city that I love dearly — and let me say that I had the most amazing time! My internship was serving as a first year business analyst at a Management Consultancy. Although I was only there for two months, I was warmly received and was given the training and responsibility provided to any first year business analyst. I was initially worried about the commitment i had taken on, especially considering my very rusty Castilian and lack of real experience, I found the work to be incredibly worthwhile and useful. In addition to strengthening my use of the language, I learned much about business consulting, business tools and methods, strategic planning, and market research. These skills became incredibly valuable to me in my following internship in Lima doing consulting and strategic planning work for a NGO. In addition, I had the privilege of working occasionally in the headquarters, located in Casa de les Punxes, which is a breathtaking Modernist building — castle, really.

Outside of work, I had the opportunity to truly get to know Barcelona and the surrounding area, having my fair share of Iberian Ham (great food is cheap there), boarding down to the beach, experiencing the awesome night-life, and exploring neighborhoods I had never been to during previous visits. The program perfectly walked the line between providing great programming and being overly structured (as many organized programs tend to be); I had the freedom to live on my own and schedule my own time outside of work, but also the ability to hang out with some of the other interns and to attend the superchulo events that my program coordinator planned. I would definitely do it again!

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Andrew Smith

Business Management Intern | Barcelona
Baylor University
12 March 2020

It is common for recent college graduates to struggle with figuring out what they want to do post-graduation and I am a prime example of that. Fortunately, Connect-123 helped me not only get the internship experience I was looking for, but the life experience that I will always remember. As a project management intern, I worked on several interesting projects which required me to complete extensive market research and ultimately,...

Mustafa Mobarez

Business Intern | Barcelona
University of Colorado at Boulder
1 July 2019

Barcelona was one of the most eye-opening and greatest experiences that I have ever had. This is all due to Connect-123 and their amazing team. Through this program, I grew both personally and professionally. Sure, it is very hard to be in a different country that you don’t speak the language, not knowing the cultural practices and being away for two months. Connect-123 makes this process so easy that you...

Benjamin Medalie

Business Intern | Barcelona
University of Colorado at Boulder
20 July 2017

Hola amigos! This summer I had the pleasure of living and working in Barcelona through Connect-123. It has truly been the experience of a lifetime. I interned at a property management software startup where I learned the ins and outs of what it takes to build, market, and maintain a growing business.I was given some pretty cool projects to work on and I was even able to freely add my...

John Getts

Business Intern | Barcelona
University of the Redlands
27 June 2017

As a recent college graduate looking to gain some international experience and improve my Spanish, Connect-123 offered everything I was searching for. From day 1, my program coordinators prioritized my interests and found the perfect internship. Interning in a finance and consulting firm, I had the opportunity to work in both English and Spanish while assisting local startups with various aspects of the funding process. As for Barcelona, it speaks for...

Natalie Zahran

Business Intern | Barcelona
University of New Hampshire, Durham
25 May 2017

I came across Connect-123 when I was researching internships abroad. I decided to look into the program and found out it was a perfect match for my time abroad. I couldn't of had a better experience working with my program coordinator. She made herself available at all hours despite our 6 hour time difference and answered any and all question as complete as she could. Not only was Connect-123 helpful...

John Connolly

Technology Intern | Barcelona
Johns Hopkins University
11 July 2018

My experience with Connect-123 was great! I experienced life abroad, in the beautiful setting of Barcelona, where I could practice my Spanish and get practical work experience. I learned a lot about non-profit work and working in a different setting.

Edith Muleiro

Business Intern | Barcelona
University of Texas Austin
24 March 2016

My experience with Connect-123 in Barcelona was more incredible than anything I could have ever imagined. I had no expectations upon arriving in Barcelona, and soon found myself falling in love with this city and its people. Connect-123 made sure I was comfortable, taking the time to find the right internship that would fit my interests and making sure everything went well from the beginning to the end! I felt...

Nina Brosman

Business Intern | Barcelona
California Polytechnic State University
30 July 2015

Barcelona is your next trip! If it's not, change your travel plans immediately and get on a flight to Spain! Bursting with vibrant culture and nightlife as well as some of the kindest people in the world, Barcelona is the place to be. During my internship through Connect-123, I had the opportunity to truly experience life as a real "Barcelonese." I was able to intertwine myself into the culture and...

Vanessa Gillette

Business Intern | Barcelona
University of Georgia
17 July 2015

It was a bit of a rash decision to intern in Barcelona with Connect-123. I was already spending two months in Spain, so I figured I mind as well round out my summer travels with an internship in Barcelona. Well, the month I spent in Barcelona did not "round out" my summer, it made my summer! It is impossible to summarize my experience in a testimonial. My internship placement was...

Andy Mitchell

Business Intern | Barcelona
Michigan State University
5 August 2013

My time spent in Barcelona this summer has been one of the best experiences of my life. I was pleased with the organization of Connect 123 and their commitment to securing an internship for me. Arriving in a new city with a different culture can be overwhelming, but Connect 123 was there from day one to make the transition easy. Organizing events, and updating me on latest festivals to attend...

Imran Kidwai

Business Consulting Intern | Barcelona
University of Houston, Graduate
9 August 2012

After deciding that an international internship in consulting would make me more competitive in the global market and as a MBA applicant, I stumbled upon Connect-123. The unique characteristic I found about the program they offer was that they find you an internship catered directly to your career aspirations. Thus, I was absolutely ecstatic that Connect-123 was able to find me an internship aligned directly with my career goals. From...

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