Will Tracy

Business Intern | Buenos Aires
Furman University
5 August 2016

I just finished my two-month internship in Buenos Aires. Looking back, these past two months have been the most exciting and most adventurous months of my life. I made friends from countries all around the world, had the chance to see three different countries, and found a second home in Buenos Aires. My two main goals arriving in Argentina was to further improve my Spanish and to gain working experience; but I honestly think I got a lot more out of this internship than just those two goals. My time in Buenos Aires opened my horizons by giving me the chance to work and live on my own in a foreign country.

My internship was with a start-up and third-party logistics company that focused on E-commerce. Every day was a challenge but my co-workers were extremely friendly and willing to help with any problems or confusion I had. Through my internship, I learned many terms and practices in logistics that a class simply cannot teach.

At the beginning of my trip I felt that two months would be plenty of time to experience Buenos Aires and want to come back. But by the end of my trip I was having so much fun I wish I had two more months! If you have any interest in Latin America, practicing Spanish, and gaining important work experience, then Buenos Aires is the place for you.

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Sarah Crockett

Business Intern | Buenos Aires
Duke University
19 February 2016

Having the opportunity to be living and working halfway around the world is indescribable. Everything is different, but it somehow still feels so normal. I work in Spanish all week. We share cultural “mate” (an Argentine “tea experience” if you will – Google it!!). I’ve made friends with the family that owns the local fruit and veggie stand down the street. That said, I still complain about the weather with...

Abby Brazeal

Business Intern | Buenos Aires
University of Arkansas
21 August 2015

My trip to Buenos Aires was one of the best experiences of my life. The Connect-123 program helped me meet some of my closest friends here. They were able to keep me updated on holidays and special events going on around the city that I would have never known about other wise. Connect-123 found me an internship exactly in my field of study, which was helpful for me to gain...

Henry Ryan

Business Intern | Buenos Aires
Bentley University
22 December 2014

I went to Buenos Aires, Argentina and it was truly a life changing experience. I didn’t even speak spanish and yet it was the best decision I have ever made. Internship: I had an 8 week internship with a start-up company. The process of getting the internship was incredibly easy. I simply spoke with a Connect 123 advisor on the phone, sent my resume to her, and within weeks I...

Alina Oboloska

Business Intern | Buenos Aires
Sorbonne University
15 May 2013

I have always had a special attraction for Latin American culture and my childhood dream was to discover it. This was the reason why I wanted Buenos Aires to be my internship destination. I am so grateful to Connect-123 team for making my dream come true! First of all I would like to thank them for finding a perfect internship for me. I had an amazing opportunity to work in...

Nick Boccardi

University of Pennsylvania | Buenos Aires
Business Intern
13 August 2012

I could not have been more satisfied with my abroad experience.  When I reflect on everything I’ve accomplished in just two months, it is amazing how much I’ve grown personally and professionally through the Connect-123 program. What sold me on Connect-123 was the flexibility of their program.  They truly build the experience from the ground up around your needs.  I knew my needs and desires were very specific: I wanted...

Shelby Pals

Business Consulting Intern | Buenos Aires
Southern Illinois-Carbonale University
23 November 2010

I interned through Connect-123 in Buenos Aires, Argentina for two months. It truly was one of the best experiences of my life. Buenos Aires is one of the most vibrant cities I have ever lived in. It seems a bit intimidating at first, but after the initial shock the city welcomes you as part of itself. All the advisors at Connect-123 were very helpful and always wanted you to experience...

Jay Lanners

Business Intern | Buenos Aires
Davidson College
14 September 2010

My internship and time spent in Buenos Aires exceeded my expectations. I got the valuable work experience I needed, and the internship certainly helps differentiate my resume. In fact, my internship in Buenos Aires helped me gain pre-admission to IESE, one of the world’s top MBA programs, through the Young Talent Program. In addition, the Connect-123 employees were incredibly helpful and personable. They really care about matching you up with...

Victor Torres

Entrepreneurship Internship | Buenos Aires
Arizona State University, Graduate
5 June 2010

Connect-123 is the perfect organization for someone considering an internship or volunteer experience in Buenos Aires. They provide all the necessary support you’ll need, without being overly rigid or inflexible. They allow you to choose what you want out of the experience, and do everything they can to find exactly what you are looking for.  With Connect-123 not only do you get an opportunity for an internship that is tailored...

William Donnell

Finance Internship | Buenos Aires
Rhodes College, Graduate
27 March 2010

When I initially talked to Steven and the group at Connect-123 in Buenos Aires, I was excited about the opportunities that I could be a part of.  After experiencing what they had to offer, my expectations were definitely surpassed.  I was looking for a way to mix what I had studied, business administration, and the Spanish I had acquired abroad and at school. I really wanted my internship to be...
United States
North America

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