Dublin, Ireland

What’s a little rain compared to a rewarding, life-changing experience? The allure of the Emerald Isle captivates as you experience Ireland as more than just a tourist. Visitors soon learn there is always a trendy neighborhood to explore, a hip restaurant opening, or the newest fads popping up all over the compact, cosmopolitan city of Dublin!

Dubliners are known for their love of storytelling, songs, the ‘craic’ (fun) and the legendary welcome they extend to visitors! Given its historic beauty juxtaposed with the modern charm of the Irish capital, it’s no wonder this ‘Fair City’ continues to inspire some of the world’s most renowned writers, artists, and musicians. From the hustle and bustle of Dublin to delightful countryside villages, from castles to stunning cliffs, Ireland will leave you wanting more.

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Hands-on, professional opportunities in one of Europe’s top cities for business, technology, healthcare and more.

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Donate your time and energy to a worthy cause as a volunteer in the Irish Capital.

Volunteer in Dublin

Completing a Connect-123 internship was one of the best decisions I’ve made, not only for my career but for my growth as a person. It was my first time travelling away from home for such a long period, but they made everything go so smoothly that I had nothi...

Health Care Intern, University of Arizona

Interning abroad in Dublin taught me more than I ever thought or hoped going into the experience. Not only did I learn so many new things about my field in social work at my internship, but I learned a lot about myself and many other cultures. I got the opport...

Social Work Intern, South College

Working in Dublin was truly a wonderful experience. The staff of Connect-123 really go out of their way to set you up with an internship that meets your desires and are very helpful. From day one upon your arrival, they make sure that you are comfortable and a...

Business Intern, Rollins College

Throughout my college career, I always told myself that I would do something exciting and adventurous that would also contribute to my education, but it took getting dangerously close to my graduation date for me to actually take the plunge. And now that I hav...

Education Intern, University of Texas at Dallas

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