My most influential, life changing experience: Social Entrepreneurship in Cape Town

We recently caught up with five alumni of the Social Entrepreneurship Study Abroad Program offered by Connect-123 in partnership with the University of Cape Town and we asked them about the impact this experience has had on their personal and career development. But first – let’s introduce them! Hugh Moore, University of Georgia 2011, SEP participant 2010 […]

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Top 7 Extreme Sports in Cape Town

Cape Town is a city known for its amazing mountain and sea views, beautiful weather and its many outdoor activities. There is something for everyone, including an awesome array of extreme sporting activities for individuals looking for that extra thrill. Bungee Jumping A well known feature in the world of extreme sport, Cape Town is […]

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Simone Matus posted in: Cape Town, Culture
How Technology Impacts Travel

Technology is awesome. And nowhere is this fact more evident than with technology’s impact on travel. Remember the days when it would take months to cross the Atlantic? Well, I don’t either, but I do remember when you got a call from across the country and it was considered long distance and therefore important. And […]

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Katie Arango posted in: Culture
Debunking Study Abroad Myths

Myth No. 1: Study Abroad is only for language students While there’s no doubt that many people go abroad to improve their skills in a second (or third, or forth) language, that is by no means the only reason to go abroad! Lots of programs have classes in English, in destinations where English is the […]

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Eimear Costigan posted in: Cape Town, Social Entrepreneurship
Meet Paula Carrettoni, Buenos Aires Program Coordinator!

Get to know your Connect-123 Team! Here’s an interview with Buenos Aires Program Coordinator, Paula Carrettoni. Describe your role at Connect-123: I am a Program Coordinator at Connect-123 Buenos Aires. I look after placements in a variety of areas, including, among others, health care, education, social work, human rights, law and journalism. I also look […]

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Katie Arango posted in: Buenos Aires, What We're Up To
Tips for a Successful Internship!

Having worked with international interns for the past 6 years, we’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to be successful at an internship. Here are some of internship best practices – follow these guidelines and you’re sure to have a meaningful and enriching experience! Prepare! Treat it like a real job! Participate! […]

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Katie Arango posted in: Career Development
Meet Barcelona Journalism Intern Hannah Buck

Journalism intern Hannah Buck shares her plans for the summer in Barcelona. About two months ago I had absolutely no idea how I would be spending summer 2012. I had just finished a teaching assistantship in the south of France, and after a year of constant travelling and new experiences I was slowly becoming conscious […]

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Steven Levy posted in: Barcelona, Intern Bloggers
New Trends in International Internships

It didn’t take much to persuade us that it made sense to exhibit at the recent Global Internship Conference in Berkeley, California. This was 2012’s most targeted event for the community of education abroad professionals, university career advisors and fellow service providers that Connect-123 belongs to. And yes it’s California. In June. Easy decision! So […]

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Eimear Costigan posted in: What We're Up To