Connect-123 currently offers programs in five incredible cities worldwide – Barcelona, Spain, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cape Town, South Africa, Dublin, Ireland and Shanghai, China. Learn more about each of our destinations below.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona volunteers and interns will experience all of the excitement and culture Barcelona has to offer while gaining hands-on, real world experience in a truly inspiring international city.

Experience the unique contrast of medieval and modern as more than just a tourist in this international yet truly European city. Get swept away by the uniquely inspiring and artistic essence of Barcelona while you participate in a career related internship or meaningful volunteer position.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

International interns and volunteers abroad in Buenos Aires will have an unforgettable stay, being surrounded by the unique charm of Buenos Aires while gaining practical real world experience.

When you’re not busy perfecting your tango moves, or cheering on the local soccer team you’ll be immersed in real life Buenos Aires style – opportunities abound to enhance your CV with international experience and to make an impact through meaningful volunteering, as well as practical real world internships.

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Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is alive with possibility! While your free time will be action-packed with outdoor adventures and unique Cape Town experiences there is no shortage of opportunities to learn, explore and create change through a meaningful internship, volunteer or study abroad experience.

Cape Town volunteers, international students and interns will enjoy and become immersed in the diversity of this South African city. Not only will the international programs in Cape Town provide lifelong skills and learning, but also the rich culture will allow for an increased international awareness that is nothing short of life changing.

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Dublin, Ireland

Live the magic of the emerald isle in Dublin! Get relevant career-related experience with an international internship or donate your time and energy to a worthwhile cause as a volunteer. You’ll soon learn first hand that this small but cosmopolitan city works hard and plays hard too!

Explore Dublin as a Connect-123 international intern or volunteer and experience the historic beauty and Celtic charm of the Irish capital while gaining real world knowledge and skills.

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Shanghai, China

So what really happens in the city where East meets West? Get to grips with this question through your internship or volunteer position and leave Shanghai with greater insight into its unique culture and a new perspective on your own!

Shanghai interns and international volunteers will gain invaluable, lifelong cultural experiences through the many different sides of Shanghai—either through the business, culinary, or nightlife scenes. Not to mention the practical, real world knowledge and skills gained from Connect-123’s international internships and volunteer programs.

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