Journalism Internships in Barcelona

Although use of the Catalan language in the mass media was initially forbidden, today Barcelona has a bilingual media, in Catalan and Spanish. Barcelona journalism related opportunities include working at newspapers, magazines, online publications, community television and radio talk shows. In addition, we can also facilitate unique “journalist in residence” positions within our wide network of nonprofit organizations.

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Jeyzon Fernandez

Journalism Intern | Barcelona
University of Barcelona

I’ve no regrets in the choice that I made in joining the Connect-123 family and picking Barcelona as the place to pursue my career objectives. For any young soul out there who is contemplating on doing an internship in a foreign country that calls your attention, just do it. It's well worth it!

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Ashley Nave

Writing Intern | Barcelona
Kutztown University

Finding Connect-123 was one of the greatest opportunities I’ve ever experienced. The program opened my eyes to living and working overseas in ways that I’d never understood before, being that they help you adapt to a foreign culture, a new lifestyle and incredible food!

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Mackenzie Brecker

Journalism Intern | Barcelona
University of Colorado at Boulder

Barcelona Internship Review: My internship was exactly what I was looking for, and I was able to gain a lot of experience for my field in journalism. If it wasn't for Connect 123, I would have never been able to find an internship like this.

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Katrine Pedersen

Journalism Intern | Barcelona
Campus Vejle, Denmark

Barcelona Internship Review: Not only did they help me find an internship, they offered security and a safe environment in which it was easy to find friends in familiar situations as myself. I might have been doing the traveling on my own, but reaching the destination I was far from that.

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