Youth Development and Sports Internships in Buenos Aires

Since the future of every country lies in its children, your contribution to youth development in Argentina will be as beneficial for its population as it is to your personal and career growth. If you are interested in a youth development internship in Buenos Aires, we can arrange opportunities with one of several schools, local sport centers and nonprofit organizations. Your work might involve working in education promotion, HIV/AIDS prevention, issues of sexuality and adolescence, combining sports with life skills training, working with or coaching sports in underprivileged communities, or even putting together workshops and talent shows in local high schools. Specific projects include participating in wheelchair basketball games or track races with handicapped children, assisting local organizations with soccer tournaments for disadvantaged kids, mentoring youth through community volunteer projects, and conducting employment readiness workshops for high school aged kids.

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Ben Waters

Sports Intern | Buenos Aires
University of Colorado at Boulder

My internship was the highlight of my time in Argentina. I had the opportunity to work with children ages 7-14 as a athletics assistant and I had a great time doing it. Connect-123 was also very helpful in helping me travel to other parts of the country.

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Emma-Louise Wagstaff

Youth Development / Sports Intern | Buenos Aires
University of East Anglia

As a student of languages at my home university in the UK, I decided to spend 5 months of my year abroad in one of the most incredible cities in South America. My time in Buenos Aires is one that I will never forget and neither will I forget the frie...

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