Community Service Volunteer Programs in Buenos Aires

Nonprofit organizations, both local and international, are helping with the many struggles and difficulties that are prevalent in developing societies, namely poverty, lack of education opportunities, unemployment, lack of adequate housing and environmental concerns. Community service volunteers in Buenos Aires can make a tremendous impact by building homes in disadvantaged communities, planting trees, helping with social rehabilitation projects in marginal populations, working with underpriveledged children, assisting in state orphanages or homes for the elderly, providing basic food and shelter for homeless populations, and playing self-esteem building games with children who are victims of domestic abuse.

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Maria Taylor

Community Service Volunteer | Buenos Aires
Southern Connecticut State University

My experience here in Buenos Aires has definitely been a memorable and unforgettable experience. I had a wonderful experience being a part of Connect-123 and it is something I will always remember!

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Rachelle Jacoby

Community Service Volunteer | Buenos Aires

After college, I always wanted to be able to live abroad and volunteer in a cause I really believed in. After searching through many programs, I came across Connect-123 and I couldn't have been happier. The program coordinator found me an awesome hou...

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