Education and Teaching Internships in Dublin

For qualified or aspiring teachers, or those with an interest in education, there are several internship opportunities in Dublin. There is a wide range of primary and secondary schools offering teaching opportunities. Also, the growing refugee population in Dublin comes with a demand for adult literacy programs. In addition, there are a wealth of nonprofits working with educational programs from youth outreach initiatives, creative writing programs, special needs education, and cultural centers offering extra-curricular activities. Those interns interested in policy and research around education can work with policy organizations and research institutes on educational reform.

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Meredith Kahan

Education Intern | Dublin
Sherwood High School

Going to Ireland was such an amazing experience for me and doing it through Connect-123 made it even better. Connect-123 made it possible for me to make friends and travel while I visited Ireland.

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Brittney Frehner

Education & Child Life Intern | Dublin
Brigham Young University

Dublin Internship Review: Not only have I come to know and love myself better, but I have come to know and love ALL humans better. My time here has given me new lifelong friendships, everlasting memories, and irreplaceable experiences.

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Inma Perez

Education Intern | Dublin
Autonomous University of Barcelona

My internship in Dublin has been absolutely amazing, so far. Connect-123 helped me to put into words the kind of job I was looking for and was very helpful with so many information and useful advice to settle in and start working. Dubl...

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Maddie Prause

Education Intern | Dublin
Texas A&M University

This past summer I had the privilege of interning at an at-risk youth program in Dublin. First off, I I could not actually believe what an incredible summer this one became. From the best roommates and the other long-lasting friendships...

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Aileen Stoddard

Education Intern | Dublin
Sonoma State University Graduate

My time in Dublin was unforgettable. Connect-123 placed me in a classroom where I gained valuable knowledge about teaching. The lead teacher at the school was so welcoming and allowed me to take on a full time teaching schedule with her help. It was ...

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