Education and Teaching Internships in Barcelona

Barcelona is internationally known for its great educational institutions, with 25% of its population composed of students. Barcelona education internships involve teaching different levels, from early childhood development to tertiary education. Projects can include assisting with childhood literacy projects, mentoring students, working as a teacher’s assistant, leading life skills workshops, assisting with sports programs, putting together youth career expos, researching educational policy, and contributing to the overall operations of education programs.

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Tajsha Pope

Global Studies Intern | Barcelona
Drexel University

Not only did I improve my teaching skills but other work skills I didn’t know I had. I was able to improve my Spanish and now feel confident talking with native Spanish speakers. I truly felt challenged and feel confident that this experience will make me stand out in the work world.

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Jordan Trico

Education Intern | Barcelona

I worked at a local NGO five days a week, teaching English to young students as well as working as a teacher’s assistant. The organization could not have been more warm and welcoming; in my three months there, I became very close to all my co-workers and students, and leaving was very hard.

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Kaitlyn West

Education Internship | Barcelona
Michigan State University

From the moment I arrived in Barcelona, as I remember it well, I was enamored with the city, the language, and the culture. I knew this was a good place to further my Spanish language growth, work experience, cultural knowledge, and my person as a wh...

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