Marketing Internships in Dublin

Whether you are working on a marketing plan for a small business, or a marketing campaign for a large brand, there are internship opportunities in Dublin to suit your individual goals. Carrying out market research, working on sales strategy, media planning, search engine optimization, or brand management and development are all possibilities for a savvy international marketing intern. Digital marketing is the marketing of today and opportunities abound in this sector.

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Rowan R

Marketing Intern | Dublin
Michigan State University

The skills I developed in Dublin, Ireland were what led to a marketing agency offering me a full-time position.

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Cristian V

International Trade and Marketing Intern | Dublin
Bucknell University

I learned about International Trade and the mechanics and structure of a membership organization. In addition to this, I was able to improve my professional communication skills by interacting with SME owners (at times) and with my coworkers.

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Rebekah L

Marketing Intern | Dublin
Pennsylvania State University

I had the honor of working with an incredible NGO as a Marketing and Brand Awareness intern through the support and help from Connect-123. I learned skills of campaign and project management, along with social media marketing.

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Casey McShea

Media Intern | Dublin
SUNY Oneonta

Connect-123’s international internship program has given me an experience like no other, pushing me out of my comfort zone in ways I didn’t even know were possible and learning so much in only a matter of weeks. My digital marketing and events planning internship taught me so much both about the field and myself.

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John Lisella

Marketing intern | Dublin
University of Colorado at Boulder

Connect-123 has opened doors up for me that I never would have thought imaginable. As a young college student who wanted to find himself and experience life away from home, Connect-123 provided me with an opportunity and memories that will last me a lifetime.

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