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Dublin has seen a continual increase in Foreign Direct Investment and is the chosen European headquarters for US multinationals like Google, as well as some of the largest international businesses, banks, and finance corporations. With favorable tax conditions it is also an entrepreneurial city with several growing small to medium sized businesses. Some of the fastest growing sectors include IT and telecoms, as well as green commerce. Business internship opportunities in Dublin are quite broad and include working in financial services, business consulting, and marketing, or even with the Chamber of Commerce. Dublin is also a thriving place to work in international trade and export.

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In addition to custom internship placements in Dublin, Connect-123 runs an intense 4-week program in Cape Town to teach entrepreneurial thinking. Combining practical training with hands-on work experience with local entrepreneurs, the Innovation Experienceship is an entirely new way to learn some of the most important skills for the job market of tomorrow.

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Shane O

Business Intern | Dublin
Drexel University

My time as an intern in Dublin, Ireland was a very big step in my life as it showed me what it means to be a business operations intern in an upcoming city.

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Dylan Rhinehart

Business Intern | Dublin
Rollins College

The staff of Connect-123 really go out of their way to set you up with an internship that meets your desires and are very helpful. From day one upon your arrival, they make sure that you are comfortable and are immersed in your new home.

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Nina Steur

Business Intern | Dublin
University of Texas, Dallas

By the time I knew of Connect-123, my last semester in my undergrad career was coming up quickly, and I wanted to study abroad one more time before I graduated. When I heard Connect-123 sent people abroad with internships, I knew it was the perfect c...

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Vish Chandarana

Business Consulting Intern | Dublin
University of Leicester

Having only heard about Connect-123 last minute, I decided to enquire about summer internships abroad. Connect-123 were extremely helpful and managed to arrange a two month summer internship in just a matter of weeks. I was thrown in at the deep e...

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Chloe Kwon

Business Intern | Dublin
William Marsh Rice University

I made a last minute decision on whether to take a microfinance internship in India or work as a business intern in Dublin, Ireland and I think my decision to spend my summer in Dublin was a great choice. I met so many people and was amazed by the un...

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