Marketing Internships in Buenos Aires

If your talents lie in the area of marketing and communications but your resume is lacking some international polish, then talk to us about marketing internships in the dynamic city of Buenos Aires. Whether your experience is in-house or with an agency, you can gain exposure to and acquire skills in the areas of strategy development, social media marketing and search engine optimization. Marketing internship opportunities in Buenos Aires include market research, competitive analysis, export strategy development and helping budding entrepreneurs with marketing activities.

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In addition to custom internship placements in Buenos Aires, Connect-123 runs an intense 4-week program in Cape Town to teach entrepreneurial thinking. Combining practical training with hands-on work experience with local entrepreneurs, the Innovation Experienceship is an entirely new way to learn some of the most important skills for the job market of tomorrow.

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Wiktoria Brodzinska

Digital Marketing Internship | Buenos Aires
Drexel University

Right from the start of my internship, I developed practical and tangible career skills that I will be able to utilize in the future. From designing logos, to coding in CSS, my digital marketing internship allowed me to explore various areas of marketing, helping me determine what I enjoyed most.

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Calum Ahmed

Marketing Intern | Buenos Aires
Michigan State University

Shortly after touching down, any prior concerns or hesitancy were put to rest. What youʼll immediately notice is how helpful and understanding the locals are and Connect-123ʼs ability to seamlessly integrate each and every one of us.

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Jack Churchill

Marketing Intern | Buenos Aires
High School Graduate

Connect-123 proved every bit as helpful and enjoyable as I could have hoped. During my two months in Buenos Aires, every day was an adventure as I adjusted to living in a city unlike any I had ever experienced. Along with the lessons I learned as an intern.

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Katie Vause

Marketing Intern | Buenos Aires
International Baccalaureate, United Kingdom

My 2 months in Buenos Aires were some of the most rewarding, challenging but most fun I have ever had. Connect-123 gave me amazing support in Buenos Aires, which made all the difference being in a new and different environment. I would recommend this internship to anyone who wants to become immersed in a different country and dip their toes into a completely new industry or further their existing knowledge by gaining experiences in a new environment.

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Shanley Porter

Marketing Intern | Buenos Aires
Santa Clara University

I loved my experience in Buenos Aires with Connect-123! Connect made me feel welcomed right from the start and provided amazing and authentic cultural experiences the whole way through. While I made many local friends, it was fun to hav...

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