Cape Town

Cape Town is alive with possibility! While your free time will be packed with adventures and unique Cape Town experiences there are many opportunities to learn, explore and create change through a meaningful internship, volunteer or study abroad experience.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town volunteers, international students and interns will enjoy and become immersed in the diversity of this South African city. Not only will the international programs in Cape Town provide lifelong skills and learning, but also the rich culture will allow for an increased international awareness that is nothing short of life changing.

Fast Facts

Cape Town

Population: 3.5 million (49 million in South Africa)

Climate: Mediterranean 

Languages: English, Afrikaans, Xhosa main languages spoken in Cape Town – SA has  11 official languages. 

Religions: Mainly Christian

Country Capital: Cape Town (legislative); Pretoria (administrative); Bloemfontein (judicial)

Time Zone: GMT +2

Currency: Rand

Fun Fact: Capetonians set their clock by the Noonday Gun, which is fired on Signal Hill every day except Sunday.  

History & Culture

Cape Town's history and culture

The first residents of this southernmost tip of Africa were the KhoiSan people. In the 15th century the first European explorers Bartholemeu Dias and later Vasco de Gama visited the Cape. But it was only in the mid-17th century that Cape Town itself began to take shape; Jan van Riebeek established a halfway station in Cape Town for ships travelling to and from Asia on behalf of the Dutch East India Company.

Today the Dutch influence is still evident in South Africa, from the widely spoken Afrikaans language, with its roots in Dutch, to the names of Cape Town’s residents and streets. The colony passed between Britain and the Dutch several times in the decades that followed. Add to this mix the Cape Malay/Cape Coloured influence – from descendants of immigrant Asian slaves, and the Xhosa black community and you find yourself with a cultural richness and diversity that’s hard to beat.

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