Communications, PR and Event Management Internships in Cape Town

If your excellent people skills, creativity, organization and zest for life has you contemplating a career in the field of communications, PR and events management look no further than our Cape Town program. We offer you the possibility of working alongside agency professionals or, depending on your background and experience, running your own PR and social media campaigns for local small businesses, nonprofits or local government. Cape Town is a favored global conference and event destination, offering additional opportunities for communications, PR and event management interns.

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In addition to custom internship placements in Cape Town, Connect-123 runs an intense 4-week program in Cape Town to teach entrepreneurial thinking. Combining practical training with hands-on work experience with local entrepreneurs, the Innovation Experienceship is an entirely new way to learn some of the most important skills for the job market of tomorrow.

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Donald LeCompte

Communications intern | Cape Town
Washington and Lee University

Connect-123 was great! They took the time to connect with us before we arrived to ensure that our internship placements were ones that matched our skills and passions. I’m glad our University partners with Connect-123, as they made our time in South Africa memorable!

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Kiera Collins

Communications Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University

I decided to intern abroad in Cape Town, South Africa for my last semester as an undergraduate, and I can honestly say it was a decision that has forever changed my life, in the best way possible. I came to South Africa with high hopes and my experience has far surpassed them!

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Isabella Alvarez

Communications Intern | Cape Town
University of Southern California

While I was in Cape Town, I learned more about myself, became friends with people from all over the world, and immersed myself in a country with a complex history -- an experience I believe everyone should have before jumping into a full-time job.

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Conor Byrne

Communications Intern | Cape Town
Rhodes College

I was fortunate enough to be given rewarding work, and I was given great exposure into my field of interest. Connect-123 offers you the chance to both find work that is beneficial and travel with the comfort of knowing you won’t be alone in a new place.

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Tatiana Baez

Communications Intern | Cape Town
Northeastern University

What can I say? Traveling to Cape Town, South Africa was an experience of a life time! It’s been a year since I departed and I am still experiencing nostalgia. Having never traveled before, let alone by myself, I found Connect 123 extremely accommo...

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