Social Work Internships in Cape Town

There are many meaningful social work internships in Cape Town, due in part to the level of social inequality that South Africa is currently dealing with. Inequalities in education, health care, housing and employment opportunities are being addressed by nonprofits and government agencies, often with key roles being played by social workers. Whether your interest lies in working with young people affected by HIV/AIDS, or carrying out psycho-social screenings at a refugee case center, or something else, our Cape Town team would love to find the social work internship that’s right for you.

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Sarah Caplan

Social Work Intern | Cape Town
Michigan State University

My internship in Cape Town provided me with skills and an experience I would not have been able to gain anywhere else. I will forever be grateful for my time spent in Cape Town and I will take the life lessons I learned there with me wherever I go!

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Marlowe Jackson

Social Work Intern | Cape Town
Thompson Rivers University

I have Connect-123 to thank for helping me make one of my biggest lifelong dreams come true. My social work internship was everything I hoped for and much more. I savored each moment spent at my placement, an NGO for survivors of prostitution and trafficking.

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Ainsleigh Toth

Social Work Intern | Cape Town
Meredith College

Cape Town Internship Review: Connect-123 provided phenomenal support leading up to my arrival. Doing a social work internship in an orphanage and townships, it certainly gave me eye-opening insight to the social situations in South Africa.

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Heather Lodahl

Social Work Intern | Cape Town
University of Texas Austin

My experience in Cape Town, South Africa was unforgettable! I had no idea what to expect out of the city or my internship, but I was pleasantly surprised with all of it. Connect-123 helped make my dream of an international internship a reality. The C...

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Victoria Parker

University of Kentucky | Cape Town
Social Work Intern

I really enjoyed my trip to Cape Town and can say that it was one of the most inspiring, educational and life learning experiences that I have ever had. The country is beautiful in every way; the mountains, beaches and bay, people, cult...

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