Public Policy Internships in Cape Town

Cape Town is the legislative capital of South Africa, as well as being the seat of the provincial government for the Western Cape. However the opportunities for internships in public policy extend far beyond government structures and span many different sectors of activity – previous public policy interns have been involved in research, advocacy and policy development around human rights, education, environmental protection and lots more! Speak to our Cape Town team about your main areas of interest and they will link you with relevant public policy opportunities.

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Nicholas Prince Asaga

Public Policy Intern | Cape Town
University of Fort Hare

Connect-123 helped me get the perfect internship I was looking for. The whole process from application to acceptance was meticulously handled and tailor-made. 

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Faizan Rai

Public Policy intern | Cape Town
King's College London

Connect-123 ensured I gained an internship I would be happy with. The highlight of my work experience was being able to travel around the country for work. During my travels to Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth, I have gained vital professional skills as well as vast exposure to South Africa as a nation.

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Alex Schramkowski

Public Policy intern | Cape Town
Rhodes College

My experience working, traveling, and living in South Africa turned out to be wildly beyond what I originally imagined. Without Connect-123’s vigilant and constant support, advice, and help, none of it would be remotely possible. Thank you!

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Ashley Williams

Public Policy Intern | Cape Town
King's College London

My internship in Cape Town was truly amazing! I worked at an arts and culture governmental organisation. I was also very happy with Connect-123's hospitality.  I enjoyed my internship so much, I decided to extend my stay until end of summer!

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Alexandra Wilson

Political Science Intern | Cape Town
Colgate University

My experience with Connect-123 this summer entailed making incredible friendships coupled with the internship of my dreams. I was able to put my international development studies to practical use in a country that has undergone tremendo...

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